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2005 Results

Our results for the 2005 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Challenge Trophy
Kings Norton Golf Club
 - 28th October 2005
27 hole stableford (full handicap)

A smaller than usual field of 23 including two guests assembled at Kings Norton to contest the Challenge Trophy. A glorious day on Thursday lead to fears for Friday’s weather however most of the days rain fell during the journey with very little falling during the golf.  

The course was in very good condition considering recent downfalls and though the fairways were a little damp in places the greens were excellent and putts rolled beautifully true.  

Strong winds made for testing conditions but the scoring was good and with the League Cup and Birdies League titles all up for grabs, things would be very interesting. Current League Cup leader, Cliff Thompson had a rare 'off day' and it soon became clear that he wouldn't be in contention for this title, although his seven nett bridies certainly put him in with a chance of the Nett Birdies League, with only Chris Craddy having a serious chance of taking the title from Cliff. At the start of the day, Cliff was one point behind Chris and with Chris edging out Karl Hughes with a better back nine, to finish fifth with a 49 point total, playing off 19.8, you would have thought Chris would have taken the Birdies League but, despite a run of 4 consecutive nett birdies, he only scored six on the day, meaning the 2005 Nett Birdies title was shared between Chris and Cliff.  

One point clear of Chris was Brian Keates, playing off 26.4, who missed out on third spot to Tim Thacker, playing off 14.2 by virtue of Tim's better last nine holes. Despite having a commanding lead in the League Cup early in the year, Tim (who was desperate to win the title in his year of Captaincy) has been 'chocking' in recent events, but his third place was more than enough to secure his first League Cup success.  

In second place, was Graham Bilsland, playing off 4.0, who came-in three shots clear of Tim with an excellent 53 points. Graham was another player who had a outside chance of taking the League Cup but he had to win. Second place was a superb effort however and the consolation prize, if you can call it a consolation, was that the three gross birdies he scored were enough to catch Steve Lloyd (missing his first ever BUNGS event in eleven years due to the imminent birth of his first child) to take the Gross Birdies League title for the third time.  

 Two points point clear and taking his first individual BUNGS title (but second title of the year, he won the Pairs with Chris Craddy) was Barry Whitmore, playing off 24.5. Barry started like a man possessed, scoring 23 points on his first nine before cooling down with 15 on the second nine and finally wrapping things-up with a steady 17 points on the final nine holes for a 55 point total, well played Baz.  

Confusion abounded over the catering arrangements with dinner due at 7.00 then 5.30 but eventually arriving at 6.00 only to confuse all present by being chicken and treacle sponge rather than the steak pie and apple pie advertised!  

Special mention must go to James Shipman who rather than take all his clothes upstairs to take a shower like most bungs members – wandered round in a towel – got lost and found himself escorted back to the changing rooms by an irate Kings Norton Member and forced to get dressed before being allowed upstairs to shower!

The final standings in the following competitions have now been calculated after the Kings Norton Golf day and can be seen below. Can all winners please make the effort to attend the Morley Hayes golf day to collect their prize.

League Cup - Tim Thacker
Gross Birdies League - Graham Bilsland
Nett Birdies League - Shared between Chris Craddy and Cliff Thompson
Most Improved Player - Graeme Black
Matchplay Knockout - Tim Thacker   

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
8th Par 3 165 yards Ian Talboys £20

Captain's Trophy
Kirby Muxloe Golf Club
- 30th September 2005
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

32 players arrived at Kirby Muxloe Golf Club to contest the 2005 Captain's Trophy. There had been a lot of overnight rain so the course was a bit 'soggy' in places, but was in excellent condition and a very good test of golf.  

The morning money was taken by Chris Craddy in first, James Shipman in second and Cliff Thompson in third but it is the afternoon competition that takes precedence of course. Scoring was difficult, with 32 points being good enough for a top ten finish and 36 points was in the prizes, with three players on that score. Just outside the top five by virtue of countback was Andy Campbell, who went out in 20 but could only return in 16 off his handicap of 16. Fifth by virtue of a better back nine was Darren Weston playing off 21, who despite three 'blobs' on his card scored 19 on the front nine and 17 coming home. Also on 36 points was Bobby Ho, playing off 14 who had a very steady 18 points n each nine which was goof enough for fourth.  

Continuing his good play from the morning 'practice' was Chris Craddy, playing off 21, who scored 19 on the front nine, but a blob on the par three 18th meant Chris only scored 18 on the homeward nine for a 37 point total and third place. One ahead of Chris was another player continuing from the morning, Cliff Thompson, playing off 24. Cliff only went out in 17 points but an excellent 21 on the back nine was good enough for second place. The winner for the second time in his BUNGS 'career' was Paul Herrmann, playing off 17, who was one clear of Cliff Thompson on a 39 point total. Paul went out in 18 points and despite a no return on the par three 12th, Paul still managed to score 21 points on the back nine, for a well deserved victory.  

As it was captain's day, there were also separate prizes for four different handicap groups, all of who received some lovely engraved crystal. The divisional winners were:
Division one handicaps 1-7 Steve Lloyd 35 points
Division two handicaps 8-14 Bobby Ho 36 points
Division three handicaps 15-21 Chris Craddy 37 points
Division four handicaps 22-28 Cliff Thompson 38 points

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Gross 2's Scored by the following

BUNGS Shield
Maxstoke Park Golf Club
- 25th August 2005
36 hole eclectic stableford (full handicap)

A smaller field than usual of only 29 people were to contest the 2005 BUNGS Shield at Maxstoke Park Golf Club. This course really is a 'hidden gem', fairly unknown to most people yet is a great parkland layout with plenty of trees and ultra fast sloping greens. The green were very tricky and three and four putting was very common and Graham Adams even used the first as his 'putting green practice' as he managed to SIX PUTT!  

The 36 selected score event is slightly different to the usual 18 hole format in that you play both morning and afternoon but only count the best score. Halfway through the morning round, after looking at the course layout and the difficulty of the greens, Steve Lloyd and Tim Thacker were predicting a low stableford score of around 40 points would take the 'title' but with rumours abound at lunchtime of people score in excess of 40 points in the morning round alone, these predictions had to be altered.  

A great score of 42 points was only good enough for seventh place as Brian Keates and Ian Talboysb were both beaten into fifth place by virtue of a better back nine from Gordon Sullivan. Gordon, playing off 23 scored an even 21 points on each nine. One point clear of Gordon was the ever steady Rob Summerfield who, playing off 24, went out in 22 and came back in 21 for a 43 point total.  

Third on 45 points was another recent BUNGS good performer, Cliff Thompson who went out in 21 points and came back in an excellent 24, playing off 26. It was obviously a good day for players in recent good form as one clear of Cliff was Alan Tolley, who has come close to victory on a number of occasions this season. Playing off 24, Alan went out in a massive 26 points but could only manage 20 on the back nine which effectively handed victory to Graeme Black for the second time in four events. There is no middle ground with Graeme, he's either very good or bloody awful, but helped by a new set of irons, this was one of his good days. Despite nearly killing John Mansell on two separate occasions with wayward tee shots Graeme, playing off 23, went out in 22 and came home in a superb 25for a 47 point total and a well deserved victory.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
2nd Par 3 157 yards Bill Hancock £10
9th Par 3 194 yards Steve Lloyd £10
9th Par 3 194 yards Adam Thompson £10
16th Par 3 160 yards Graeme Black £10

Pairs Championship
Cavendish Golf Club
- 29th July 2005
18 hole fourball-betterball stableford (3/4 handicap)

Write up to follow.

Full results from the Cavendish golf day can be seen below:

1st Barry Whitmore & Chris Craddy 44 points
2nd Brian Keates & Bobby Ho 41 points
3rd James Shipman &  Craig Vale 39 points
4th Bill Hancock & Trevor Meadows 38 points
5th Paul Herrmann & Steve Booth 38 points
6th Tim Thacker & Gordon Galloway 36 points
7th Jeff Thacker & Mike Fox 36 points
8th Gordon Sullivan & Steve Lloyd 36 points
9th Adam Thompson & John Newton 36 points
10th Adrian Marchant & Graham Bilsland 36 points
11th Ian Talboys & Karl Hughes 36 points
12th Andy Smith & Rob Summerfield 35 points
13th John Mansell & John Shaw 34 points
14th Derek Pells & Cliff Thompson 33 points
15th John Lander & Graeme Black 33 points
16th Gordon Sullivan & Howard Holliday 33 ponts

Nearest the pin1 - Steve Booth
Nearest the pin2 - Steve Booth
Nearest the pin3 - Adrian Marchant
Nearest the pin4 - Adrian Marchant
Nearest the pin5 - Jeff Thacker

Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 121 yards Adrian Marchant £5
4th Par 3 121 yards Cliff Thompson £5
13th Par 3 178 yards Gordon Galloway £5
13th Par 3 178 yards John Lander £5
15th Par 3 108 yards Gordon Galloway £5
15th Par 3 108 yards Jeff Thacker £5

Drayton Park Golf Day
Drayton Park Golf Club
- 14th June 2005
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

A smaller than usual field of just 30 players converged on Drayton Park golf club for the re-arranged event that was cancelled due to bad weather in March. The weather was good and the course was to match. The greens were firm and tricky (although not as fast as they looked) and the fairways were hard and the ball ran for miles (or bounced sideways into the trees as happened several times to society captain Tim Thacker, which is the only explanation for why he scored a paltry 26 points).  

Fifth on the day went to Alan Surch playing off 23.0, who was competing in his first BUNGS event of the year. It's fairly obvious that Alan's been spending time practicing rather than attending BUNGS days as he scored a very good 35 points.  

One ahead of Alan on 36 points were John Pinches (11.0) and Alan Tolley (25.6). John was another player attending for the first time this year and his straight game was very suited to the tree lined course and his 36 points was good enough for fourth. Beating John into third by virtue of a better 'back three' was Alan Tolley who was in the prizes for the second time in three events. With Alan's previous 'kiddie clubs' now a mere distant memory, his game continues to improve and on this form, he'll be a formidable opponent for anyone on the Llandudno tour later in the month.  

One point ahead of Alan was Les Poultney who I believe was in the prizes for the first time on a BUNGS event. Playing off 12.5, Les's front nine was nothing to write home about as he only scored 15 points but a gross two (for four points) at the 11th spurred Les onto a superb 21 points on the back nine.  

The clear winner by a full four points, in only his second ever BUNGS event was Steve Lander, playing off 25.0. A superb performance on the front nine gained Steve 23 points and he was 'hanging-on' on the back nine until a blob at seventeen looked to have spoiled his victory chances. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, Steve got a four nett two for four points on 18 to secure victory.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 169 yards Bill Hancock £10
6th Par 3 156 yards Bob Lander £10
11th Par 3 143 yards Chris Craddy £10
11th Par 3 143 yards Les Poultney £10

BUNGS Championship & BUNGS Masters
Beau Desert Golf Club
- 26th May 2005
18 hole stableford (full handicap) - 29 holes for Masters Qualifiers

An excellent turn-out of 42 players met at the wonderful Beau Desert golf club to contest the 2005 BUNGS Championship and BUNGS Masters (the BUNGS Masters is a new extra competition to be competed by the previous years winners, players over all 29 holes on the day).  

Scoring in the morning 'practice' was excellent and the money was shared between Bobby Ho in 3rd (£7) on 23 points, Steve Booth in 2nd (£14) on 24 points and Brian Hornby 1st (£20) on 26 points.  

Onto the serious business of the afternoon, where scoring wasn't as good as in the morning but certainly better than when the society last visited Beau Desert (at least everyone beat 4 points Brian). Fifth place on countback over Howard Holliday and the ever improving Alan Tolley was Steve Booth, playing off 12 with 33 points. One point ahead was Neil Smith, scoring 34 points off 23.  

Third went to an in-form Jeff Thacker who scored 35 points off a handicap of 19, one point behind another form player, Cliff Thompson who scored 36 points playing off 28. With only three points separating seventh and second, things were tight but the winner by a clear margin was............ unbelievably.......... Graeme Black. I think it's fair to say that Graeme is not normally the straightest of hitters and on a tree lined course like Beau Desert he was surely destined to struggle, but he found some magic and scored a magnificent 41 points off a handicap of 27 (now cut 4 to 23).  

Congratulations go to Ian Talboys, winner of in inaugural BUNGS Masters. Results from the BUNGS Masters can be seen by clicking here.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 149 yards Adam Thompson £5
7th Par 3 147 yards John Shaw £5
10th Par 3 110 yards Howard Holliday £5
16th Par 3 135 yards Ivan Heathcote £5
16th Par 3 135 yards Andy Smith £5

BUNGS Memorial Salver
Moseley Golf Club
- 27th April 2005
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

The first thing to say about Moseley is that it was a bloody difficult golf course which showed in the low scoring and one of the lowest winning totals ever in a BUNGS event. The fact that the course was difficult did not detract from what is an excellent golf course, with tree lined fairways, nasty rough and firm, fast green which were very difficult to read.  

Another excellent turn-out of 37 people contested the 2005 Memorial Trophy and enjoyed relatively good weather, with only a minimal amount of rain.  

Fifth place on the day went to Howard Holliday who on the day prior to the event had to call Steve as he couldn't remember if he'd sent his application form to play. He had, and it's a good job he got his act together with a score of 30 points playing off 7.2. Two points clear of Howard was Alan Tolley who is now reaping the rewards of his perseverance in his game (and changing his clubs) and is now improving rapidly, showed by his 32 point total, playing off 28.0.  

In third was Steve Booth, playing off 13.0 with a 33 point total and only missing-out on second place by the virtue of a better 'back 6' by Graham Bilsland, who took second spot with what was an excellent performance on such a difficult course with only 4 shots to play with.  

The winner and definately the current man in form with a first, second and third so far this year was society captain Tim Thacker. Tim must be revelling in his captain's role and his 34 point total, playing off 15.4 was enough for victory.  

Tim's day was even better as he took first prize in the morning 'practice' for £20, with Brian Keates in second (£10) and Bill Hancock third (£6).  

I must say a big thank you to James Shipman who, due to being unable to play after his surgery, took on the organisational role for the day which he did very successfully, especially with so many people arriving late. Personally I think James should now become a non-playing organiser on all the golf days.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following

The Enterprise Cup
Whittington Heath Golf Club
- 31st March 2005
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

An excellent turn-out of 41 players arrived at Whittington Heath golf club to compete for the 2005 Enterprise Cup. Despite heavy rain in the preceding 48 hours, the course was in a good condition although the greens were much slower than the usual fast pace at Whittington (it was still March after all).  

The day started with the 'drive-in' of new Captain Tim Thacker and a sweepstake was hastily arranged for where Tim's drive ended-up. He didn't have much to beat after Andy Smith's pathetic effort the previous year, but with over 30 people watching, Tim was very nervous and the BUNGS member who had 'out of bounds' in the sweepstake mush have felt confident. Tim held his nerve however as he spanked one down the middle of the fairway, meaning Andy Smith took the £25 sweepstake prize with a further £25 going to the St. Giles Hospice charity.  

As usual there were some excellent and some decidedly average scores during the day but generally scoring throughout the field was very good. A special mention must go to Andy Smith who went out in a whopping 9 points, which actually included 5 points on the 9th for a gross eagle.  

In fifth place was John Bayliss scoring 38 points, playing off 15 with 17 points out and an excellent 21 back which was good enough on countback to beat John Newton, Adam Thompson and James Shipman who all also had 38 points. One point ahead of John was Ivan Heathcote playing off 16 who scored an incredible 23 points on the front nine but only 16 coming home for a 39 point total and 4th place.  

Spurred-on by his Captain's drive-in, Tim Thacker had a very consistent day scoring 20 points on each nine, playing off a handicap of 17 for a 40 point total and third place. One ahead of Tim was his Uncle Jeff, playing off 21 who went out in 22 and back in 19 for a 41 point total and second place.  

Winning his first BUNGS event and aided by a chip-in at the 16th which was going so fast it almost broke the stick in half was Jamie Moore. Jamie also scored 41 points, going out in 19 points, he scored 22 on the way home to take the title on countback.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 158 yards James Shipman £10
7th Par 3 177 yards Chris Craddy £10
7th Par 3 177 yards Ivan Heathcote £10
7th Par 3 177 yards John Newton £10
7th Par 3 177 yards Derek Pells £10
13th Par 3 135 yards Graham Bilsland £10

The Christmas Clock
Morley Hayes Golf Club
- 10th December 2004
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

A smaller than usual attendance for the Christmas Clock of only 31 players arrived at Morley Hayes Golf Club. For once, the weather was kind to us and despite it being cold and misty at times, there was no rain to be seen so at least we all finished 'dry'. Despite some wet patches in the rough, the course was in pretty good condition for the time of year with good greens and normal tees (even if it was the ladies tees we were playing off).  

Before moving on to the prize winners, there were some real Jeckyl and Hyde performances from Paul Weston who went out in only 8 points, but returned in 17 (although Paul did win £20 for the only two of the day where we won the nearest the pin at the 16th). Winner from the last BUNGS event at Aberdovey, Neil Smith had scored 46 and 44 points on his last two visits to Morley Hayes so must have fancied his chances but his 18 points on the back nine was not enough after his paltry 11 points on the opening nine holes. Another player in good form at Aberdovey was Steve Lloyd and after going out in 1 over par for 20 points, he was confident of a prize finish but a collapse and only 13 points on the back nine put paid to his chances. Mike Fox, a veteran of Morley Hayes, was very helpful in showing his playing partners where to go, but should have concentrated more on his game on the front nine after scoring only 14 points but he made amends with 19 points on the back nine. Like Foxy, Cliff Thompson went out in 14 points but returned in a superb 20 points, helped with his excellent tee shot at the 12 which won him nearest the pin. The most spectacular performance must have come from Bob Lander, who must have thought the competition was in the bag after playing the form nine in two over par for 23 points. However, surly one of the most spectacular collapses in BUNGS history ensued with Bob only scoring 8 points on the way home and an eventual 18th place finish.  

Fifth place went to Ivan Heathcote, playing off 16.6 with a very steady 18 points out and 18 points back 36 point total. Also on 36 points, and only ahead of Ivan due to a better 'back 6 holes', was Les Poultney, playing off 22.0.  

Third place went to Adrian Marchent, playing off 13 who scored 17 points going out (help by his nearest the pin at the 6th) followed by an excellent 21 coming back for a 38 point total. Two points ahead of Adrian was his travelling companion, Jamie Moore who must have felt at home off the ladies tees scoring 18 points and and a massive 22 on the way home for a 40 point total, off a handicap of 26.0.  

The winner, taking his first individual BUNGS title was Chris Craddy who, playing off 23.4, scored a very consistent 21 points on the front nine and 20 points on the return for an excellent 41 point total.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
16th Par 3 151 yards Paul Weston £20

Aberdovey Golf Trip
Aberdovey Golf Club - 19th & 20th November 2004
18 hole stableford on Friday (full handicap)
18 hole stableford on Saturday (full handicap)
36 hole stableford for main trophy

When the original Aberdovey trip was cancelled in February due to snow (Aberdovey's first snow in years), the trip was re-arranged for November. Imagine the society secretary's dismay when it started to snow at 5.30pm on the evening prior to this trip. After several frantic phone calls to Aberdovey (and several received from panicky BUNGS members), we found out that it wasn't snowing in Aberdovey, although it had rained hard all day.  

To enable smooth running on Friday morning, Steve and Ian had arranged to travel on Thursday evening and spend the night in Steve's (icy cold) caravan in Tywyn. They set-off with two inches of snow on the ground in Barton, but on reaching the M54, everything was clear. The rest of the journey was a breeze so they decided to stop at The Dovey Inn for a couple of drinks, only to be told by one of the locals that the course had been closed all day, and if any rain fell overnight, it would be closed on Friday as well. No rain was forecast, so Steve went to bed safe in the knowledge the course would be OK, only to be woken at 3am, by severe rain lashing against the side of the caravan. The rain continued for four hours, and Steve was convinced the course would be closed. His fears were allieved after arriving at the club at 8.45, after seeing several groups of locals teeing off.  

After an excellent cooked breakfast, 27 BUNGS members were ready for battle on the Aberdovey links, and the sun even came out to greet the early starters. The course was as benign as it could ever be, with not a breath of wind and, playing off the winter course (which is practically off the ladies tees), scoring was expected to be very good, even with the sheep getting in the way of some shots. "Do many sheep get killed here" asked one BUNGS member, "Depends how well endowed you are" came the sharp reply from Martyn Dodwell.  

There were gross birdies, nett birdies, nett eagles and even nett albatrosses a plenty as, without any wind, the shortened course had nothing to protect itself and scoring was excellent.  

Fifth place on Friday went to Aberdovey member Steve Lloyd, playing off six, whose five gross birdies (only one coming on a par five) secured a gross 75 and 38 stableford points, the same score as Chris Craddy, playing off 24, who beat Steve into fourth by virtue of a better back nine. One ahead of Steve and Chris was Bobby Ho, who scored 39 points, playing off 14 which was one point behind Barry Whitmore in second who scored 41 points playing off 25 with eight nett birdies and two nett eagles. This score would usually be enough to win a BUNGS event, but Barry didn't count on Neil Smith who, also playing of 25, shot four nett birdies, 3 nett eagles and one gross albatross on his way to a massive 44 point total and the Friday victory.  

Friday evening was spent in the Dovey Inn with a mass pool knockout and dominoes game progressing throughout the evening, and a 'smashing time' was had by some at chucking out time.  

We awoke on Saturday to wetter, winder and colder conditions, meaning the course would certainly play a little harder, although scoring was still very good, even with the top five from Friday having their handicaps reduced under the new handicap system.  

Fifth place on Saturday went to Karl Hughes, playing off 12 who went out in 21 points but found the back nine into the wind a lot tougher, scoring only 15 for a 36 point total. Also on 36 points was Steve Lloyd, who was using all his local knowledge of the conditions and felt he had a great chance of victory after only dropping one shot going out (20 points) but, like Karl, the tougher back nine took it's toll and he only scored 16 coming back. 36 points was a popular score on Saturday, with Ivan Heathcote on the same score, but Ivan held it together into the wind far better than Steve and Karl (were you keeping it low by using the same 'top' you mastered on Friday Ivan?) and took third with a better back nine.  

Tim Thacker, playing off 18, must have really fancied his chances after reaching the turn in 21 points and he had picked up 17 points so far on the back nine as he stood on the 17th tee. However, despite playing a good second to the 17th from a blind position in the left hand rough, his ball was never to be seen again and a 'blob' resulted. Tim could only manage a six at the 18th for a solitary point and a 39 point total. It turns out that the 17th cost Tim not only victory on Friday, but the overall 36 hole cumulative win, and he was moaning in the style of Ian Talboys about his playing partners not spotting his ball.  

Tim's misfortune played into the hands of Andy Smith, playing his last event as 2004 Captain. Andy could not play on Friday, so travelled down on the afternoon to enjoy the evenings alcohol and golf on Saturday. Playing off 14, Andy scored an excellent 19 points going out, considering he hadn't seen the course on Friday but his back nine was sublime, including a birdie two and the treacherous 12th (we'll gloss over the blob that followed on 13 Smithy). Andy played the back nine into the wind and rain in 21 points for a 40 point total and the Saturday victory.  

There were prizes for first, second and third on the overall cumulative 36 hole total with third place going to Steve Lloyd with his scores of 38 and 36 points for a 74 point total. Tim Thacker also scored 74 points (35 and 39) and his better round on Saturday was enough to secure second place. Despite starting the second round six clear of Steve and seven clear of Tim, Neil Smith found the going a lot tougher on Saturday and must have felt he'd blown his chance with a paltry 31 points, but added to his massive 44 points on Friday, this was enough to secure the win by a solitary point on 75 points.    

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 157 yards Paul Casey £5
3rd Par 3 157 yards Karl Hughes £5
3rd Par 3 157 yards Bob Lander £5
3rd Par 3 157 yards Rob Lander £5
9th Par 3 156 yards Steve Lloyd £5
9th Par 3 156 yards Bobby Ho £5
9th Par 3 156 yards Tim Thacker £5
12th Par 3 131 yards Andy Smith £5
12th Par 3 131 yards Neil Smith £5
12th Par 3 131 yards Rob Summerfield £5

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