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Results from Golf Days

Our results for the 2018/2019 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Pairs Championship
Matlock Golf Club
- 8th August 2019
18 hole fourball-betterball stableford (90% handicap)

Write-up by Steve Lloyd

23 players headed to the Peak District to Matlock Golf Club to compete for this season's Pairs Championship. With heavy rain falling the night before the event and with more heavy rain and thunderstorms due on the afternoon, on the advice of the Matlock Professional, the decision was made to cancel the morning practice round and head straight out toplay the 18 hole competition. As it turned out, this was a very wise decision as we all managed to get round the course in warm sunny conditions. Just as the last group stepped into the showers, the heavy rain, thunder and lighting arrived. It didn't last long but it was torrential and flooded the greens.

In third place on the day were Steve Barkshire (11) and Adam Thompson (5) scoring 20 on the front nine and 19 on the back nine for a 39 point total. Also on 39 were Peter Meaney (8) and Steven Raji (17) scoring 18 on the front nine and 21 on the back nine to pip Steve and Adam into second place on countback.

Two points ahead and taking the 2019 Pairs Championship crown were Kevin Armitt(14) and Shaun Mullaney (11). They got off to a flyer with nine points after three holes and had a steady next six holes to hit the turn with 20 points. The continued the fine form on the back nine scoring a further 21 points for their 41 point total. Well played guys.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
7th Par 4 331 yards Kevin Morris £10
8th Par 3 140 yards Neil Preston £10

BUNGS Championship & BUNGS Masters
Droitwich Golf Club
- 12th July 2019
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Write-up by Steve Lloyd

Only 24 players managed to make it to Droitwich Golf Club for the premier event of the BUNGS season which was a shame as they missed a lovely day and a great golf course in fantastic condition with fast, true greens.

After bacon rolls we headed onto the golf course for the team competition with the first three groups also playing their first 9 holes in the BUNGS Masters competition. The team competition was won by Kev Armitt, Kev Morris ands Adam Thompson on 36 points, beating Marcho, Peter Meaney and Steve Gibbons on countback. In The Masters, after the morning 9 holes, Kevin Armitt was in the lead on 17 points with Gary Tyler two points back on 15 and Kevin Morris and Alex Tolley a further point behind on 14.

The afternoon round saw more sunny weather with a testing breeze, making the course a good test.

There was no fourth place as two players shgared third, with 33 points and an identical back nine.  Graham Thorpe, playing off 24, scoring a great 20 on the front nine but a lesser 13 on the back nine for a 33 point total. Adrian Marchant did exactly the same off his handicap of 13. Both players were sitting on 31 points after 16 holes but finished the final three holes in just 2 points, costing them both a higher finish.

Also on 33 points but with a better back nine was Steven Raji playing off 17. Steven scored 19 on the front nine and 14 on the back nine to finish in second.

Three points ahead and winning his first event was Steve Gibbons. Playing off 23, Steve only scored 15 on the front nine but went on a scoring blitz on the back nine with 22 points for a 37 point total - well played Steve.

In The Masters, both Kevin Morris and Alex Tolley scored 14 in the morning and they both followed this up with 29 in the back nine for a 43 point total and joint second place overall. Wth 28 points in the afternoon, Kevin Armitt took the 2019 BUNGS Masters total with a 45 point total, well played Kev.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following

No 2's scored

BUNGS Memorial Salver
Fulford Heath Golf Club
- 23rd May 2019
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Jeff Sackett, winner of the 2019 Memorial Salver
Jeff Sackett, winner of the 2019 Memorial Salver

Write-up by Steve Lloyd

30 BUNGS members plus one guest heading to South Birmingham and Fulford Heath Golf Club for the 2019 BUNGS Memorial Salver. With a representative of Breast Cancer Care joining us for the evening meal to say thank you for the money raised by Adrian Marchant and the society during 2018, many of the BUNGS contingent were looking resplendent in pink. The day was sunny with a slight breeze and the course was in excellent condition with the greens running hard and fast, making chipping and putting tricky.

The scoring during the morning team event wasn't partucularly good until one of the later groups came in with a score that blew all the others away - Craig Vale, Kev Morris and Ian Ronson took the cash with 40 points, a full 6 points clear of the nearest team.

After lunch it was back out into the sunshine to compete for the Memorial Salver. Discussions on the way round were of what points might win the day, with an ambitious 40 being mentioned. It turns out that no-one got even close.

Fifth place only needed 30 points with Howard Holliday scoring that amount off his handicap of 6. One point ahead was Steve Hendy, playing off 5, with a 31 point total in fourth. Both Adam Thompson (5) and Peter Meaney (8) were one point ahead of Steve on 32 points with Peter pipping Adam into second place with a better back nine.

BUNGS Members with Beverley Fathers of Breast Cancer Care
BUNGS Members with Beverley Fathers of Breast Cancer Care

All four of the prize winners so far were playing off single figure handicaps but the winner was off 22. Scoring a superb 30 points going out, Jeff Sackett must of thought bis chance had gone after only scoring 13 on the back nine, but his 33 point total was enough to take the 2019 Memorial Salver. Well played Jeff.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
5th Par 3 128 yards Peter Meaney £5
5th Par 3 128 yards Adam Thompson £5
5th Par 3 128 yards Steve Hendy £5
5th Par 3 128 yards Alex Tolley £5
5th Par 3 128 yards John Martin £5
11th Par 3 137 yards Steve Lloyd £5

Enterprise Cup
Wollaton Park Golf Club
- 26th April 2019
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Alan Tolley, winner of the 2019 Enterprise Cup
Alan Tolley, winner of the 2019 Enterprise Cup

Write-up by Graham Thorpe

A smaller than usual turnout of 27 BUNGS members were joined by 3 guests as we made our way along Brian Clough Way to Wollaton Park. With the absence of Society Secretary and this year’s Captain Steve, the committee members took up the reins.

The morning 9 hole practice commenced at 10-00 am with ten groups on a bright sunny start to the day. The competition was won by a great team effort led by Kevin Morris, Alan Tolley and Graham Thorpe as all three players seemed to bounce off each other and finished clear cut winners with 40 points.

The wind got up for the afternoon round and the dark clouds threatened for some considerable time until they spilt their contents all over everyone around 4.00pm and saturating us for around 20 minutes. Wollaton Park is a very  picturesque course and famous for it’s wildlife particularly for its species of deer. The same groups from the morning took on the 18 holes in the afternoon but my group consisted of Kevin (David Bailey/Attenborough) on the look out for deer and Alan (hot streak ) Tolley.

The scoring became difficult due to the conditions, but in 5th place was Gary Tyler with 33 points, In  4th place was John Haley also with 33 points . Kevin Morris took 3rd place with 35 points, the longest drive and nearest the pin on the 13th green and nearly bagged a Roe Deer into the bargain. He also took some pictures for his wife of Red Deer and Wollaton Hall!

Finishing runner up also with 35 points was Phil Latham and taking 1st place with 36 points was Alan Tolley  winning his first outright  title success, his only previous win was in the Pairs Championship..Well done Alan, nice to see the prizes shared around!

Finally a special mention to the winner of the 19-28 Handicap for the day which was Steve Gross (the new Tiger from Liincolnshire) wearing his Nike gear finished on 32 points and apart from winning the blackout once it is his 1st prize he has ever collected from BUNGS.

No group won the Captain’s Challenge so again it rolls over. Thanks to  committee for a great day.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
2nd Par 3 126 yards Gordon Galloway £10
2nd Par 3 126 yards Keith Evans £10
13th Par 3 165 yards Max Williams (Guest) £10

The Ballesteros Bowl
Royal Liverpool Golf Club
- 18th March 2019
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Andy Smith, winner of the 2019 Ballesteros Bowl
Andy Smith, winner of the 2019 Ballesteros Bowl

Write-up by Steve Lloyd

The Barton under Needwood Golf Society was formed in 1994 and to celebrate the 25th year of the society we arrange a two day visit to The Wirral, playing at Caldy Golf Club on day one and the highlight being a round on Open Championship venue Royal Liverpool.

With a mild winter and very dry start to the year, hopes were high for good weather and courses in great condition for our trip. Unfortunately a period of very wet weather rolled in for the two weeks prior to our visit. In the days before there was concern that there would be a buggy/trolley ban at Caldy but in the end we did not have to worry about those the course was shut.

Despite the course looking fine from the clubhouse, the entire course was closed and so started the frantic phone calls to try and find an alternative course for 32 players to visit on a Sunday. Luckily we were able to get in at Bromborough Golf Club, just a 20 minute drive away. We therefore all had our breakfasts at Caldy and heading quickly to Bromborough.

Understandably, Bromborough could not fit in a straight 8 tee times so we had to start in stages and from different holes, but with huge help from the Professional, we were soon all on the course. Different starting holes was made even more confusing by playing the course in a different configuration to the scorecard but everyone seemed to get round and complete their scorecards OK. The course was very wet in places (probably a lot wetter that Caldy would of been) but we were all grateful to be playing.

Third place went to Rob Hallworth and Alan Heard with 40 points, second to Kevin Morris and Gary Tyler on 41 points  and winning on countback were Adam Thompson and Craig Vale.

A couple of drinks at the golf club and a frantic search for Gordon Sullivan’s new mobile phone and we were heading to the Leasowe Castle Hotel for our meal and accommodation where we were joined by the seven other BUNGS members who did not play golf on day one. The hotel was fantastic, superb rooms and food and a good evening was had by all. Gordon Sullivan even found his mobile, he’d left it on the window cill of his hotel room, so his drive back to the golf club proved pointless, lol!

We awoke on Monday morning to rain and there had also been heavy rain overnight, luckily there was never any danger of Royal Liverpool being closed. Everyone headed to the club, some having a coffee in the historic clubhouse, some taking things seriously and walking half a mile to the practice ground (it’s amazing how far some will go when there’s free range balls available).

The weather was breezy and chilly but stayed predominately dry, just a bit of rain for the later starters.  Scoring was tricky so it only took 31 points to get into the prizes. Fifth went to Gary Tyler playing off 15 and scoring 31 points beating Kevin Morris with a better back nine. Also on 31 points was James Shipman off a handicap of 10 and it was his better last 6 holes that put him ahead of Gary.

Two players were on 32 points. Playing off 13 was last season’s Captain Adrian Marchant scoring 16 on each nine to finish in third. With a much better back nine (13 out and 19 back) was Craig Vale who finished second, also playing off a handicap of 13.

It was anything but unlucky 13 at Royal Liverpool as the top three players all played off a handicap of 13. The best of the trio and winning the event was Andy Smith who had a real consistent day scoring 18 on each nine for a 36 point total and taking the 2019 Ballesteros Bowl.

There was also a little trophy for the player with the player with the best combined score over the two days and this went to Craig Vale on 73 points, one clear of Kevin Morris and Gary Tyler in joint second on 72.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 176 yards Martyn Dodwell £10
13th Par 3 148 yards James Shipman £10

Christmas Cup
Maxstoke Park Golf Club
- 13th December 2018
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Steven Raji, winner of the 2018 Cliff Thompson Salver
Steven Raji, winner of the 2018 Cliff Thompson Salver

Write-up by Graham Thorpe
On a cold and frosty morning all 34 attendees turned up eventually (including Martyn Dodwell) for the final event of the Bungs calendar, not necessary to brave the weather for 3-4 hours golf but to enjoy the festive food and drink planned for later in the day.  With the absence of Society Secretary Steve Lloyd and senior committee member Tim Thacker, it fell on the junior members of the committee to get us ready for the first tee. Thanks to Neil Preston , Phil Latham and Mark Johnson who got me organised.

The course had taken a battering during those hot summer days and many of the fairways had seen better days. However we played on all the greens with no temporaries and it was a pleasure to play the 4th & 5th greens.

The scoring proved difficult in  5th place on countback (last 6) was Alex Tolley with 31 points. taking 4th place was Wayne Tandy with 31 points, Steve Hendy took 3rd place with 32 points. Finishing runner up with 36 points was John Shaw and taking 1st place with 38  points was Steve Raji winning his first inaugural title . Well done Steve, great performance in those conditions.

No group won the Captain’s Challenge so again it rolls over to next year.

Maxstoke did us proud again with a splendid Christmas Dinner after which the Captain distributed the annual prize awards with Kevin Armitt collecting three awards, Gary Tyler the match play champion, Kevin Morris, Steve Lloyd the Gross Birdies Champions and finally Captain Adrian Marchant , joint winner of the Nett Birdies League.

Finally as this was the last event in Captain Adrian’s reign, he gave a heartfelt address on his year which his charity will benefit by over £9,000 a record for a hard working captain. He thanked all the members for their support and their money and for helping him through difficult times during the year. It was an emotional end to his traumatic year. Well done from all BUNGS members.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
16th Par 3 160 yards Mark Johnson £20

The Cliff Thompson Salver
Woodhall Spa - Hotchkin Course
- 17th November 2018
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Rob Hallworth, winner of the 2018 Cliff Thompson Salver
Rob Hallworth, winner of the 2018 Cliff Thompson Salver

Write-up by Steve Lloyd
32 players arrived at Woodhall Spa for the annual November trip, we all met in the clubhouse for a superb breakfast whilst pairs for the Friday fourball-betterballs were drawn.

The Bracken course was in a great condition for the time of year and he weather was dry and relatively mild, albeit it mostly overcast. Nearest the pins were won by Gordon Galloway (5th), Peter Meaney (7th), Howard Holliday (11th) and Karl Hughes (16th). Nearest in two (a matter of inches away) was Adam Thompson and Kevin Morris took the longest drive.

£2 per head entry saw prizes for the top three pairs with Karl Hughes and Graham Thorpe in third on 39 points (£5 each). John Shaw and Keith Evans were three points ahead in second on 42 points (£10) and winning on 43 points, taking £15 each were John Haley and Rob Hallworth.

After a few drinks at the club and it was off to the hotel, The Inn at Woodhall Spa which seems to get better and better each time we stay. The rooms were fantastic and the food superb meaning everyone enjoyed their stay.

Saturday morning was bright, a little chillier than the day before but mild for November and crucially it was dry meaning we could enjoy the superb Hotchkin course in good conditions. As always on our visits to Woodhall Spa though, scoring wasn’t particularly good with the thick heather, cavernous bunkers and tricky greens taking their toll on the BUNGS contingent.

We normally say that 30 points around the Hotchkin can put you in the prizes and this proved to be so with Steve Harris finishing in fifth on 30 points (15 on each nine) off a handicap of 11. On the same tally but with a better back nine (17 back, 13 out) was Chris Dewes playing off a handicap of 4.

Chris blobbed the last which ultimately cost him third place which went to Kevin Morris, playing off 2, with 31 points scoring 14 on the front nine and 17 on the back nine. Two ahead and with a very steady performance was Karl Hughes playing off 7. Karl scored 15 on the front nine and 18 on the back for a 33 point total and second place.

Rob Hallworth was in fine form on the Bracken curse on Friday and he took that onto The Hotchkin on Saturday scoring 18 on the front nine and a superb 20 on the back nine for a 38 point total and his maiden BUNGS victory. Well played Rob.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following

No 2's scored

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