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Results from Golf Days

Our results for the 2017/2018 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

BUNGS Championship & BUNGS Masters
Tadmarton Heath Golf Club
- 1st June 2018
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Steve Hendy, winner of the 2018 BUNGS Championship receives his trophy from Adrian Marchant
Steve Hendy, winner of the 2018 BUNGS Championship receives his trophy from Adrian Marchant

Write-up by Steve Lloyd
With it being half term and the BUNGS tour to Yorkshire only two weeks away, it was a lower than usual field of 27 players who drove to Tadmarton Heath in Banbury for this season's BUNGS Championship and BUNGS Masters.

The course has seen some torrential rain overnight and parts of the clubhouse had been flooded, along with lots of the bunkers. The greenstaff were hard at work with the rakes however ad with the excellent natural drainage, there were only a few that were GUR. Considering the rain, the course was in superb condition and the quality of the golf course matched the weather on a warm sunny day. Plenty of white legs were on view with many to turn more 'reddish' by the end of the day.

The bacon sandwiches were one of the best we've had and were enjoyed by all and it was onto the tee for the morning team competition, although the morning score did count for those playing in 'The Masters'.

The morning money went to the Captain's team. Accompanied by Adam Thompson and Tim Thacker, they 'stole' the money from under the nose of Steve loyd, Bobby Ho and Darren Minor by a solitary point.

After the obligatory sound and sandwiches for lunch, it was time to rub on the suntan lotion (or don the lighter of your many fleeces if you're Tim Thacker) and get back out there for the afternoon round.

With just 27 players, main prizes were for the top four players only, although there were the new prizes for the 19-28 Handicap category, won by Jeff Thacker and the 1-18 handicap category, won by Kevin Armitt,

Fourth place went to John Shaw on on 34 points who scored 16 on the front nine and 18 on the back nine off a handicap of 5. In third, also on 34 was Adam Thompson playing off 5. Thommo scored just 14 on the front nine but an excellent 20 on the back nine to pip John on countback.

Two points ahead, playing off a handicap of 16 was Phil Latham who scored a very steady 18 points on each nine for second place. Beating Phil on countback with a better back nine of 20 points was Steve Hendy, whose 16 on the front nine and 36 point total was enough to secure not only this year's BUNGS Championship but also the BUNGS Masters title. Well played Steve.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following

No 2's scored

BUNGS Memorial Salver
Cavendish Golf Club
- 3rd May 2018
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Adrian Marchant, winner of the 2018 BUNGS Memorial Salver receives his trophy from Graham Thorpe
Adrian Marchant, winner of the 2018 BUNGS Memorial Salver receives his trophy from Graham Thorpe

Write-up by Steve Lloyd
30 BUNGS members plus four guests made their way up the A6 to Buxton to Cavendish Golf Club for this season's Memorial Salver competition. For yet another BUNGS event, the course was shut the day before out visit due to being waterlogged but luckily it was open and in a decent condition considering the hard winter thay've had up in Buxton. The greens weren't as good as hoped which was a little disappointing, especially as the greens are simply superb when in good nick.

The weather was dry, but very cold, many layers and wooly hats were in abundance as a cold wind kept the temperature down and, along with the wet conditions, made scoring difficult. What is supposedly a short course my modern standards, was playing every bit of its 5552 yards.

The morning money was won by Simon Hayward, Wayne Stoddard, Terry Tomkiss and Steven Lloyd on 43 points in the team competition, and everyone was saying how tired they were, and we'd only completed the morning 11 holes. The hilly terrain was certainly taking its toll.

After a lovely bowl of muchroom soup and the 'beigest' selection of sandwiches ever seen, it was back up the hill to the first tee for the afternoon competition.30 points was good enough for fifth place, it was also the score of the ninth place finisher, so a very popular score. Countback decided the places with Steve Barkhire in 9th, John Shaw 8th, Ian Ronson 7th and Kevin Morris 6th. Fifth went to Kevin Armitt, playing off 15, scoring 13 on the front 9 and 17 on the back 9.

One point ahead on 31 was Neil Preston scoring 14 on the front 9 and 17 on the back 9 off his handicap of 17. On 33, playing off nine was Paul Jobbins, scoring 17 on the front 9 and 16 on the back nine in third place, one behind Wayne Stoddard in second, playing off 8 and scoring 18 on the front 9 and 16 on the back 9.

Unbelievably, a whopping five point clear of his nearest challenger, was 2018 society Captain, Adrian Marchant. His disbelief was as great as everyone else's, but he did admit having a few strokes of luck along the way, making a par at the second after bouncing off the wall at the back of the green being just one. Playing off 16, Marcho scored 18 on the front 9 and a superb 21 on the back 9 for a fantasic 39 points. A well deserved victory and just as deserved, a three shot handicap reduction, well played Marcho.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 121 yards Paul Jobbins £10
15th Par 3 108 yards Geoff Wayman £10

Enterprise Cup
Lilleshall Hall Golf Club
- 6th April 2018
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Keith Evans, winner of the 2018 Enterprise Cup
Keith Evans, winner of the 2018 Enterprise Cup

Write-up by Steve Lloyd
37 BUNGS members headed to Lilleshall Hall Golf Club in Shropshire with a little trepidation in the air as we weren't sure what we were going to face. After one of the wettest March's for years, and with loads of rain falling in the days before our visit (we were nearly in Wales), it meant that the course only had nine holes open for a number of days prior to our visit. The course was fully open however, albeit a little soggy in places, but we were able to play at least, there numerous courses in the Midlands that have been shut for weeks. The greens had been recently scarified and sanded, so weren't in the best condition, but in reality they didn't putt too badly. There was only one temporary green, the 17th, which in his fine wisdom, Steve has chosen as the nearest the pin in two hole. Ball must be on the green the marker says, what f****ng green!!

For the morning round, the sun stayed permanently behind the clouds and a strong brreze meant it was cold and conditions were tricky. Played over 12 holes, the morning team event was won by Howard Holliday, Peter Meaney and 'birthday boy' Jeff Sackett on 47 points.

A mish-mash of different soups and sandwiches were served for lunch with lots of swapping of bowls and plates happening amongst the BUNGS contingent.

Back out onto the curse for the afternoon competition round and the sun made an appearance which warmed things up massively, but the wind remained meaning conditions remained tricky and scoring was going to be difficult, and so it proved.

7th place, and the winner of the 19-28 handicap category prize (for those outside the top five) was Robert Brown, scoring 29 points off a handicap of 21, In 6th, and winning the 1-18 handicap prize was society Secretary Steve Lloyd, scoring 31 off 6.

Onto the top five and in fifth was Peter Meaney, playing off 7, scoring 17 on the front nine and 15 on the back nine for 32 points. Also on 32 but with the scored reversed (15 on the front, 17 on the back) was Kevin Morris playing off 1.

One point ahead was John Haley, playing off 20, scoring 15 on the front and 18 on the back for 33 points. Second place went to Jamie Moore scoring a steady 17 points on each nine, for a 34 point total off a a handicap of 13. The winner, taking his maiden BUNGS title was Keith Evans. Playing off 21, Keith scored a fantastic 19 on the front 9 and 16 on the back nine for a 35 point total, enough to secure the 2018 Enterprise Cup, well playes Keith.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
6th Par 3 145 yards Steve Hendy £10
6th Par 3 145 yards Peter Meaney £10

The Ballesteros Bowl
Sherwood Forest Golf Club
- 9th March 2018
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Kev Armitt, winner of the 2018 Ballesteros Bowl
Kev Armitt, winner of the 2018 Ballesteros Bowl

Write-up by Steve Lloyd
44 BUNGS members plus 2 guests arrived at Sherwood Forest Golf Club and it was some relief to see bright sunshine asmost of us had driven through some thick fog on the way and many were thinking the event would be cancelled. The flags were on tempoaries  but the pro assured us we'd be on main greens by our first tee time of 10am, and that proved to be the case.

The day before the event we were told that they had found some hidden asbestos in the kitchen whilst doing some refurbishment work and that it would be closed for our our visit. The club pulled out all the stops however, getting bacon cobs brought over fom nearby Mansfield Rugby Club for our breakfast and then wonderful homemade pies and chips from the nearby chippy sorted out after golf food, a very good effort from the club in the circumstances.

After the bacon cobs it was onto the first tee for Adrian Marchant's Captain's Drive-In. With the usual guesses as to far far it will go, Marcho had taken just a bit of stick from society members. It's fair to say those who know him best were the ones guessing less than 60 yards, using their knowledge of his golfing prowess wisely. He stuck two fingers up to all those though, smashing a great drive 232 yards doen the left hand edge of the fairway. Thre were 110 guesses but nobody guessed that distance exactly, but there were two guesses of 241 from Steve Barkshire and Marcho's partner Clare. The money was therefore split and ultimately donated back to Adrian's Breast Cancer Care charity, many thanks.

The golf course was in good condition considering the heavy snow of the previous week and the heavy rain of the previous few days, and the weather was bright, a few even venturing out in short sleeves. The greens were fast for March, a little bobbly at times due to the softness, but all in all, very very good.

Onto the prizes, and the 19-28 handicap winner (who didn't finish in the top five) was Ivan Wozniak, playing off 19 and scoring 31 points. Ivan actually finished 17th overall, so it shows the course was well suited to the lower handicappers. The 1-18 handicap winner was Phil Latham, playing of 15 and scoring 35 points in 6th place. One point ahead of Phil in 5th was James Shipman, playing off 10 and scoring 36 points, a good score considering he was 'hampered' by a double hit (with his putter would you believe) on one hole. Also on 36 was first time attendee Geoff Wayman, playing off 4. Geoff scored 19 points out and 17 points back to pip James on countback into fourth place.

Another on 36 was Terry Tomkiss who had a real steady day, scoring 18 on each nine off his handicap of 17, and countback secured third for Terry. One point head was Terry's playing partner and the ever steady Paul Jobbins, playing off 9. Paul scored 17 points out and 20 back for a 37 point total and second place,

A full three shots clear, with an excellent performance was Kev Armitt on 40 points. Playing off 17, Kev scored 21on the front nine and 19 on the back nine to secjure his maiden BUNGS title, well played Kev.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 157 yards Alan Heard £5
4th Par 3 157 yards James Shipman £5
7th Par 3 115 yards Kevin Armitt £5
7th Par 3 115 yards Darren Minor £5

The Cliff Thompson Salver
Formby Golf Club
- 13th November 2017
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Karl Hughes, winner of the 2017 Cliff Thompson Salver
Karl Hughes, winner of the 2017 Cliff Thompson Salver

Write-up by Steve Lloyd
32 BUNGS members made the trip up to Formby for the 2017 winter trip where we were to play Formby Ladies on day one and the main Formby course on the second day. For once, everyone arrived in good time to enjoy their breakfast in the Formby Ladies clubhouse before heading into the cold and some putting practice.

The weather was dry and bright but there was a strong cold wind meaning that scoring was going to be difficult on the short heather lined course. With everyone wrapped up against the cold, it was off to the first tee.

Everyone chucked in a couple of quid meaning there was cash prizes for the first three pairs.

Third place went to Steve Barkshire and John Haley with 43 points to take £5 each, double that prize money was Tim Thacker and Terry Tomkiss in second scoring 45 points and one further ahead, each trousering £15 was Kevin Armitt and Steven Raji with an excellent 46 points.

After golf it was the short drive into Southport and the Ramada Plaza Hotel for the night.A few drinks and an excellent dinner were taken at the hotel which is where the majority stayed for the evening. A few ventured into the town to try and find some 'life' but they were to return 20 minutes later as all the establishments were either empty, closed or had just called last orders (at 10.10pm). Sunday night in mid November obviously isn't peak time in Southport!

Day two and it was back to Formby but this time to play the wonderful mens course. Again we had a dry day, there was a sprinkling of rain for ten minutes towards the end, but all in all the weather was superb for a November visit. Although it was actually a colder air temperature on day two, without the wind it felt a lot warmer and once you got moving, it was very pleasant to be on such a great golf course.

The main course is obviously a lot longer than the ladies course but it is wider and a touch more forgiving, but there was still plenty of heather, gorse and rough to be found on this magnificent test of golf.

This first event of the 2017/18 season saw the introduction of two additional handicap category prizes, with a prize voucher for the highest in category 1-18 and 19-28 (who finish outside the main top five places). Adrian Marchant took the 1-18 category on 33 points off a 12 handicap and John Stamper the 19-28 category with 31 points off a handicap of 23.

There were four players on 34 points who finished second to fifth postions, only being separated by countback. Fifth went to Bobby Ho, playing off 14 and scoring 19 on the front nine and 15 on the back nine.With a better back nine of 16 points (18 on the front) was Chris Dewes making his first BUNGS appearance off a handicap of 5 and finishing in fourth. Third went to John Haley, playing off 20 with 17 points on each nine and this was matched by Peter Meaney, handicap 8, whose better back six holes put him in second place.

Two shots clear though was Karl Hughes playing off 8 who scored a steady 18 points on each nine for a 36 point total and to take The Cliff Thompson Salver for 2017, well played Karl.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
10th Par 3 178 yards Chris Dewes £20

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