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South Wales Tour 2019

BUNGS Tour 2019 - South Wales

15th to 18th June 2019

A write-up of the 2019 South Wales Tour will appear here soon.



The South Wales tour itinerary can be downloaded here:

The South Wales tour hotel and golf course address contact details can be downloaded here:

The pairings for the opening morning greensomes at Machynys Peninsula Golf Club have been announced and are as follows:
10.00 Kevin Morris (1) & James Shipman (10) versus Graham Thorpe (24) & Adam Thompson (4)
Will receive shots on SI's 1 to 7
10.08 Craig Vale (13) & Craig Fallon (14)
Will receive shots on SI's 1 to 5
versus Adrian Marchant (13) & Karl Hughes (6)
10.16 Howard Holliday (5) & Phil Latham (14)
versus Andy Smith (11) & Jamie Moore (13)
Will receive shots on SI's 1 to 3
10.24 Steven Raji (17) & Gary Tyler (14)
No shots
versus Alan Tolley (18) & Alex Tolley (13)
No shots
10.32 Mark Johnson (12) & Ian Ronson (18) versus John Haley (20) & Bobby Ho (13)
Will receive shots on SI 1
10.40 Alan Heard (9) & Tim Thacker (11)
Will receive shots on SI's 1 to 2
versus John Shaw (4) & Kevin Armitt (14)
10.48 Steve Lloyd (7) & John Mansell (26)
Will receive shots on SI's 1 to 3
versus Peter Meaney (8) & John Martin (16)
10.56 Martyn Dodwell (8) & Darren Minor (11)
No shots
versus Gordon Galloway (8) & Steve Harris (10)
No shots

Shots for greensomes are calculated by taking 40% of the higher handicap and 60% of the lower handicap, added together to get a 'pair' handicap.The exact figures  for each pair are then used to calculate the difference.

The two teams have been picked and are as follows:
Steve Lloyd's Team Black H'Cap Tour Win % Challenger Graham Thorpe's Team Blue H'Cap Tour Win %
Steve Lloyd 6.7 61.6 Graham Thorpe 23.5 50.0
Phil Latham, Vice Capt 14.1 58.0 Adrian Marchant, Vice Capt 12.5 53.9
Kevin Morris 1.2 64.0 John Shaw 3.6 58.6
Howard Holliday 5.3 63.4 Adam Thompson 4.3 60.4
Martyn Dodwell 8.0 64.3 Karl Hughes 6.4 57.2
Alan Heard 9.1 55.7 Gordon Galloway 8.0 56.7
James Shipman 10.0 50.1 Peter Meaney 7.6 44.3
Tim Thacker 11.1 54.9 Steve Harris 10.0 44.4
Darren Minor 10.7 25.0 Alex Tolley 12.5 65.0
Mark Johnson 11.9 33.8 Jamie Moore 12.6 59.0
Craig Vale 13.2 63.5 Bobby Ho 13.2 44.0
Craig Fallon 14.0 n/a Kevin Armitt 13.8 80.0
Gary Tyler 14.2 72.9 John Martin 16.0 30.0
Steven Raji 16.8 60.0 Alan Tolley 18.4 50.0
Ian Ronson 17.5 n/a John Haley 20.1 55.9
John Mansell 25.9 37.7 Gordon Sullivan 26.8 41.7
AVERAGE 11.9 54.6 AVERAGE 13.2 53.2




Our package with the hotel is for three nights accommodation, so once again the cost this year also includes the additional extra night’s bed and breakfast accommodation.

Further information on The Stradey Park Hotel can be seen further down the page


Breakfast at The Stradey Park Hotel
9 holes of greensomes matches (1st tee-time 10.00am)
Light lunch
18 holes of fourball-betterball matches (1st tee-time 1.00pm)
Three course  evening meal at The Stradey Park Hotel

Further information on Machynys Peninsula Golf Club can be seen further down the page


Breakfast at The Stradey Park Hotel
18 holes of foursomes matches (1st tee-time 9.00am)
Light lunch
18 holes of fourball-betterball matches (1st tee-time 1.45pm)
Three course evening meal at The Stradey Park Hotel 

Further information on Ashburnham Golf Club can be seen further down the page


Breakfast at The Stradey Park Hotel
18 holes of singles matches (1st tee-time 10.40)
Two course lunch followed by prize giving

Further information on Southerndown Golf Club can be seen further down the page

36 places available
£380 all inclusive in a twin room
£445 all inclusive in a single room (20 available only)

Single rooms will be allocated on 'first-come first-served' basis on receipt of a £75 deposit.

It is expected that all players are to play in all the matches. Anyone wanting to play only 18 holes per day should ideally find someone else who is also willing to do this before signing-up to this trip.

Please note that handicap certificates may be required and a club may refuse you access to the course without one. If you don’t have a club handicap, you should try to get a certificate from another source (we do have some out-of-date ‘spares’ that could be used - although we cannot guarantee these will be accepted). Most courses we play do insist on handicap certificates, although we’ve never actually been asked to produce these. However, I’m giving you all warning just in case a club decides to be really strict.

Those who have secured places can be seen further down the page.

The Stradey Park Hotel
The Stradey Park Hotel

The Stradey Park Hotel

Furnace, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA15 4HA

Tucked in the Welsh hillside, the 4-star Stradey Park Hotel & Spa is a converted Edwardian mansion with panoramic views of the Gower and Carmarthenshire coastline. The hotel offers guests free parking and complimentary high-speed WiFi. This impressive Edwardian mansion mixes traditional features with modern style. The stylish en suite rooms offer a flat-screen TV, telephone, hairdryer and tea/coffee making facilties ith on-site spa facilities. The Parc Spa (additional charges apply) includes relaxation rooms, sauna, hot tub room, tropical rain room, romantic coppertub room (ideal for Jamie and Marcho) and spa conservatory for luxury afternoon tea.


Machynys Peninsula Golf Club
Machynys Peninsula Golf Club

Machynys Peninsula Golf Club

Nicklaus Avenue, Machynys, Llanelli, SA15 2DG
3 miles and approx 10-15 minutes from the hotel

Opening to a blaze of publicity in 2005, Machynys Clwb Golff is a Nicklaus designed 7121 yard modern links championship golf course and has already hosted an unprecedented 8 championships, including 2 Royal & Ancient Championships and 4 Ryder Cup Wales LET Championships of Europe. Machynys is the youngest course ever to be awarded an R&A championship. But, whilst Machynys represents a true test for the lower handicapper it is still a thoroughly enjoyable course for the higher handicapper and a corporate and society treat.


Ashburnham Golf Club
Ashburnham Golf Club

Ashburnham Golf Club

Cliffe Terrace, Burry Port, SA16 0HN
5 miles and approx 15 minutes from the hotel

Over 110 years old and one of the classic Welsh links Ashburnham is right up there with Porthcawl and Conwy. It’s a wonderful natural links separated from the sea by a line of towering sand dunes which regularly feature on the back nine. Ashburnham celebrated it centenary in 1994 by staging the British Home International Team Championships. This was the latest in a long line of important tournaments held here since the early 1900’s when Harry Vardon said: “This is the course I like best in Wales”. His sentiments have been endorsed by more modern professionals including Bernard Gallagher and Sam Torrance.


Southerndown Golf Club
Southerndown Golf Club

Southerndown Golf Club

Orgmore by Sea, Bridgend, CF32 0QP
37 miles and approx 50 minutes from the hotel

9th best course in Wales, Southerndown is an undulating links course with the bracken and gorse as its primary defences. Founded in 1905, the course has been touched by some of the most respected golf course architects in the world, and it shows. Willie Fernie designed the original course with later modifications coming from the respected Herbert Fowler and then Willie Park. And it doesn't stop there. The great Harry Colt decided to have his way with Southerndown's gorse-lined fairways and then came the finishing touches from Donald Steel.

Allocation of places / Terms & Conditions

Those who attended the 2018 Yorkshire tour but must have attended a minimum of FOUR additional BUNGS events since the 2017 tour

Those who did not attend this year’s Yorkshire tour but have been to at least FOUR events since the 2017 tour

Those who attended this year’s Yorkshire tour but did not attend FOUR regular BUNGS events since the 2017 tour

Anyone else wanting to attend

By signing-up to this event, you do so under the society terms and conditions and also agree to abide by the society rules and regulations.

Those currently signed-up for this trip are as follows:

Member Room Allocation
Kevin Armitt Single Room
Martyn Dodwell Single Room
Gordon Galloway Single Room
Dave Grubb Single Room
John Haley Single Room
Steve Harris Twin room sharing with Kevin Morris
Alan Heard Single Room
Steve Hendy Twin room sharing with Ian Ronson
Bobby Ho Twin room sharing with Howard Holliday
Howard Holliday Twin room sharing with Bobby Ho
Karl Hughes Single Room
Mark Johnson Single Room
Phil Latham Single Room
Steve Lloyd Single Room
John Mansell Single Room
Adrian Marchant Twin room sharing with Jamie Moore
John Martin Single Room
Peter Meaney Single Room
Darren Minor Single Room
Jamie Moore Twin room sharing with Adrian Marchant
Kevin Morris Twin room sharing with Steve Harris
Steven Raji Single Room
Ian Ronson Twin room sharing with Steve Hendy
John Shaw Twin room sharing with James Shipman
James Shipman Twin room sharing with John Shaw
John Stamper Single Room
Gordon Sullivan Single Room
Tim Thacker Twin room sharing with Jeff Thacker
Jeff Thacker Twin room sharing with Tim Thacker
Adam Thompson Twin room sharing with Craig Vale
Graham Thorpe Single Room
Alan Tolley Twin room sharing with Alex Tolley
Alex Tolley Twin room sharing with Alan Tolley
Gary Tyler Single Room
Craig Vale Twin room sharing with Adam Thompson

Reserve List


Current BUNGS tour win percentages

(After the 2018 Yorkshire Tour)

Member Tour Win Percentage No of Tours Attended
Hornby, Brian 100.0% 1
Armitt, Kevin 80.0% 2
Tyler, Gary 72.9% 7
Fairweather, Stewart 70.0% 2
Barkshire, Steve 65.0% 6
Tolley, Alex 65.0% 4
Dodwell, Martyn 64.3% 20
Morris, Kevin 64.0% 5
Vale, Craig 63.5% 10
Holliday, Howard 63.4% 17
Lloyd, Steve 61.6% 20
Thompson, Adam 60.4% 14
Raji, Steven 60.0% 4
Moore, Jamie 59.0% 12
Weston, Paul 58.9% 9
Smith, Neil 58.6% 7
Shaw, John 58.6% 19
Hayward, Simon 58.3% 6
Latham, Phil 58.0% 10
Hughes, Karl 57.2% 19
Galloway, Gordon 56.7% 12
Brown, Robert 56.7% 3
Talboys, Ian 56.1% 16
Haley, John 55.9% 8
Heard, Alan 55.7% 7
Thacker, Tim 54.9% 18
Marchant, Adrian 53.9% 14
Smith, Andy 52.1% 12
Shipman, James 50.1% 19
Poultney, Les 50.0% 2
Thorpe, Graham 50.0% 5
Tolley, Alan 50.0% 16
Thacker, Jeff 45.5% 11
Harris, Steve 44.4% 9
Meaney, Peter 44.3% 7
Ho, Bobby 44.0% 18
White, Neil 43.3% 3
Sullivan, Gordon 41.7% 18
Gross, Steve 40.0% 6
Fox, Mike 40.2% 15
Mullaney, Shaun 38.0% 10
Mansell, John 37.7% 12
Evans, John 37.1% 7
Grubb, Dave 34.6% 13
Johnson, Mark 33.8% 8
Martin,John 30.0% 2
Jackson, Anthony 30.0% 4
Tomkiss, Terry 35.0% 5
Minor, Darren 25.0% 2
Adams, Graham 21.7% 6
Stamper, John 13.3% 3
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