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Dumfries Tour 2021

BUNGS Tour 2021 - Dumfries & Galloway and Silloth

19th to 22nd June 2021

The two teams
The two teams

Write-up by Graham Thorpe, many thanks for doing this once again Graham.

After last Year's Tour had to be cancelled due to Cov 19, and with most members having had their jabs and behind face masks 23 members and one guest (on his second Tour) ventured for the first time for the Bungs Society across boarder control just into the arse end of Scotland.  The  teams lined up as above with 2 new debutants, Owen Strudwick and Darren Penny and guest Craig Fallon who came back for more !

John Shaw's Team Black H'Cap Tour Win % John Haley's Team Blue H'Cap Tour Win %
John Shaw 2.4 58.6 John Haley 20.3 53.1
James Shipman, Vice Capt 10.3 50.1 Ian Ronson, Vice Capt 17.2 40.0
Adam Thompson 4.6 59.7 Kevin Morris 1.1 56.7
Peter Meaney 6.3 48.8 Howard Holliday 5.2 63.2
Karl Hughes 6.2 57.4 Gordon Galloway 7.9 58.5
Alan Heard 9.6 58.8 Owen Strudwick 8.0 N/A
Steve Harris 10.1 47.0 Mark Johnson 11.0 33.3
Craig Fallon 11.0 20 Gary Tyler 11.9 68.8
Kevin Armitt 12.6 73.3 Phil Latham 13.7 58.2
Bobby Ho 12.8 45.9 Darren Penny 17.0 N/A
Craig Vale 13.3 63.2 John Martin 17.7 33.3
Steven Raji 15.2 52.0 Graham Thorpe 24.4 48.3
AVERAGE 10.0 55.9 AVERAGE 12.4 48.5
View from 1st tee at Powfoot (Note RHS - Out of Bounds and LHS - Gorse)
View from 1st tee at Powfoot (Note RHS - Out of Bounds and LHS - Gorse)

Sunday 20th June 2021 - morning
Powfoot Golf Club - 9 holes

6 x greensomes matches

The weather was perfect for the start of the Tour and both teams posed for the usual team photograph on the first tee .Both Captains's were boyant before the start and were intending to lead their teams by example ?

The 1st Tee did not look too daunting but several BUNGS members decided the fairway was too narrow and with the adrenalin rush, the farmers field on the RHS was full of BUNGS balls by the end of the day plus a few wayward hooks finished in the gorse on the LHS !

Adam Thompson & Alan Heard beat Kevin Morris & Gary Tyler 1up
Craig Vale & Bobby Ho beat Owen Strudwick and John Haley 5/4
James Shipman & John Shaw beat Howard Holliday & Gordon Galloway 1up
Karl Hughes & Kevin Armitt beat Phil Latham & Darren Penny 2/1
Peter Meaney & Craig Fallon beat Mark Johnson & Ian Ronson 1up
Steve Raji & Steve Harris half John Martin & Graham Thorpe A/S

The Captain’s team made a strong start winning five matches out of the first six pairings, and a whitewash was averted by John Martin & Graham Thorpe who recovered to win the ninth and tenth to get the half point for John Haley's team.

Session Score - Captain's Team - 5.5 / Challenger's Team - 0.5

John Haley had some reorganising to do with his afternoon pairings?  Could he stem the tide!


Sunday 20th June 2021 - afternoon
Powfoot Golf Club - 18 holes

6 x fourball-betterball matches

Captain John Haley led from the front in the afternoon fourballs with partner Gordon Galloway (sorry I mean't he went out in the first pairing), but his opponents Craig and Adam were driving it long and straight and were putting the Challengers Captain to the test. They managed to hold out until the 18th where they succumbed to the long accurate hitters.

John Shaw the other Captain and his partner Karl Hughes realised fairly quickly they were in a contest as they were 3 down after 6 holes, and 2 down after 9 holes, to opponents Graham Thorpe and Gary Tyler.  Five of the next six holes were halved even though John was playing his "A" game scoring 5 birdies and partner Karl chipped in with 2 birdies (one of these on the 18th). The match finished 1 up to John and Karl but it was a great game.

The Bunker Boys making a few adjustments
The Bunker Boys making a few adjustments

John Martin and Phil Latham spent most of the afternoon excavating some of the Powfoot bunkers in their match and lost 4/3.

Finally the Challengers won the last two pairings to eventually get wins on the board for John Haley.

Craig Vale & Adam Thompson beat John Haley & Gordon Galloway 1up
Alan Heard & Bobby Ho half Kevin Morris & Darren Penny A/S
John Shaw & Karl Hughes beat Graham Thorpe & Gary Tyler 1up
Kevin Armitt & James Shipman beat Phil Latham & John Martin 4/3
Craig Fallon & Steve Harris lost to Owen Strudwick & Ian Ronson 3/2
Steve Raji & Peter Meaney lost to Howard Holliday & Mark Johnson 5/4

Session Score - Captain's Team - 3.5 / Challenger's Team - 2.5

Cumulative Match Score - Captain's Team - 9 / Challenger's Team - 3


Leading players after Day 1 from each team

Black Team

Six players have won 2 from 2:
John Shaw, James Shipman, Kevin Armitt, Craig Vale, Adam Thompson & Karl Hughes .   .  

Blue Team

Not one player in John Haley's team had a 100% winning ratio. (Losing 100% perhaps?)


Anybody recognise the 'mucky' pup?
Anybody recognise the 'mucky' pup?

The Challengers had a mountain to climb after only the first day with a 6 point deficit.

I am sure Captain Haley will have nightmares tonight but have a new strategy by breakfast time tomorrow. Now when you come away on Tour you have to be prepared for the under privileged to join you particularly at the dinner table in the evening.

Now opening restaurent sachets of sauce is not always easy for the elderly in our party but the younger members also have trouble as you can see below.

New member Darren Penny also lost his sweet to Graham Thorpe as he did not claim it quickly enough from the waiter and had to take Graham's instead. 

View down the first at Southerness
View down the first at Southerness

Monday 21st June 2021 - morning
Southerness Golf Club - 18 holes

6 x foursomes matches

The weather was gloomy with mist and drizzle which greeted us at the club house on our arrival with a cold sharp wind as we waited for all the members to tee off in front of us.

The Challengers got stuck into John Shaw's titans in the morning with a view of repairing the damage to our wounded ego's. (Apart from our complacent Captain.)

The first three pairings brought a return of 2.5 pts with two wins and a half.

Southerness view out to sea
Southerness view out to sea

The fourth pairing was Captain Haley partnered with Mark Johnson. With five holes to play at pedestrian pace they were 4 UP. Complacent or what they finished shaking hands on the 18th having lost by one hole!  "Sacre bleu" !

The final two pairings produced another two comprehensive wins for the Challengers, taking the morning foursomes by 4.5 to 1.5.

John Shaw & Peter Meaney half Ian Ronson & Owen Strudwick A/S
James Shipman & Craig Vale lost to Kevin Morris & Howard Holliday 4/3
Kevin Armitt & Steve Harris lost to John Martin & Gordon Galloway 3/2
Bobby Ho & Steve Raji beat John Haley & Mark Johnson 1up
Craig Fallon & Alan Heard lost to Phil Latham & Graham Thorpe 5/3
Karl Hughes & Adam Thompson lost to Gary Tyler & Darren Penny 4/3

Session Score - Captain's Team - 1.5 / Challenger's Team - 4.5

Cumulative Match Score - Captain's Team - 10.5 / Challenger's Team - 7.5


Monday 21st June 2021 - afternoon
Southerness Golf Club - 18 holes

6 x fourball-betterball matches

The afternoon was fine with warm sunshine and the leading pairs set off down the course on time. Bobby Ho had a collision with a wall driving his buggy to the first tee demolishing a wall near the putting green ! Foreign drivers !

The Challengers had halved the deficit from the previous day to three points now and the first pairing of Howard & Ian won 2 &1, and now it was only two points down.

14th green at Southerness
14th green at Southerness

The next pairing finished all square and Captain John being 5 down after nine holes was inspired again to win the 18th for a half point and finish all square.

The next three pairings were wins for John's team, Captain Haley being a victim of Craig Vale's perfect driving for the third match of this tour.

The final match saw Kevin and Gordon rescue another point for the Challengers, so the day had turned out not too bad in the end.

Steve Harris & James Shipman lost to Howard Holliday & Ian Ronson 2/1
John Shaw & Steven Raji half Mark Johnson & John Martin A/S
Peter Meaney & Bobby Ho beat Phil Latham & Owen Strudwick 5/4
Craig Fallon & Craig Vale beat John Haley & Darren Penny 2up
Kevin Armitt & Adam Thompson beat Gary Tyler & Graham Thorpe 4/3
Karl Hughes & Alan Heard lost to Kevin Morris & Gordon Galloway 2/1
Peter at prayer at lunchtime after a bad morning round
Peter at prayer at lunchtime after a bad morning round

 The Captain's have a 4 point lead going into the 12 singles matches on the final day.

Session Score - Captain's Team - 3.5 / Captain's Team - 2.5

Cumulative Match Score - Challenger's Team - 14 / Challenger's Team - 10


Leading players after Day 2 from each team

Black Team

All  the Captain’s team lost their 100% records, leaving Bobby Ho to be the best with 3.5 pts. John Shaw , Adam Thompson ,Kevin Armitt and Craig Vale all on 3 from 4.

Blue Team

Howard Holliday is the leading player with 3 from 4, followed by  Ian Ronson and Kevin Morris with 2.5 from 4 matches.


Silloth clubhouse from the 18th
Silloth clubhouse from the 18th

Tuesday 22nd June 2021
Silloth Golf Club - 18 holes

12 x singles matches

Early breakfast and we journeyed South to Silloth Golf Club  a venue some members had played before and were always reminiscing of it's wonder and difficulty.

It was a really hot day and everyone was bubbling to play a wonderful golf course.

The first pairs out were the two Captains and  the  two vice captains. For the Challengers Captain Haley had his biggest challenge  yet of the Tour but he wins the 1st hole and then finds himself 3 down at the 9th.  Then whether he took his spinich (like popeye) he then wins the next 5 holes on the bounce. John (Bluto) starts beating his golf bag and making strange utterances, but it works and wins the next two holes to bring it back to all square. The match finishes and Captain John Haley triumph's with his first half point on the Tour.

Down the first hole at Silloth
Down the first hole at Silloth

The Vice Captain's match was also as close  and finished All Square too.

In the next pairings  Mark Johnson finished all square with Steve Harris and Kevin Morris beat Adam Thompson 4/2 for the Challengers team, -  

Captain's team  15.5, Challengers team  12.5

Bobby Ho beat Phil Latham 2/1 for the Captain's Team,  but Gary Tyler beat Craig Vale 4/3 for the Challengers to equal.

The next pairing saw Gordon Galloway win 3/1 against Alan Heard for the Challengers team.

Peter Meaney on his own down the 18th
Peter Meaney on his own down the 18th

Karl Hughes had a good win of 3/2 against Howard Holliday for the Captain's Team  

Captain's team  17.5, Challengers team  14.5

With four matches still remaining the Captain's team needed 1 more point to take the trophy.

Owen Strudwick won a close match with Peter Meaney 3/2 for the Challengers.

Guest Craig Fallon got the valuble point for the Captain's team with a 4/3 win over Graham Thorpe. Then Kevin Armitt finished 1 up over Darren Penny to secure the match for the Captain's team

John Martin for the Challengers team saved his best performance to the last with a 5/3 win over Steve Raji.

John Shaw half John Haley A/S
James Shipman half Ian Ronson A/S
Steve Harris half Mark Johnson A/S
Adam Thompson lost to Kevin Morris 4/2
Bobby Ho beat Phil Latham 2/1
Craig Vale lost to Gary Tyler 4/3
Alan Heard lost to Gordon Galloway 3/1
Karl Hughes beat Howard Holiday 3/2
Peter Meaney lost to Owen Strudwick 3/2
Craig Fallon beat Graham Thorpe 4/3
Kevin Armitt beat Darren Penny 1up
Steve Raji lost to John Martin 5/3

Session Score - Captain's Team - 5.5 / Challenger's Team - 6.5

Final Match Score - Captain's Team - 19.5 / Challenger's Team - 16.5


The two teams
John Haley presents the trophy to winning captain John Shaw.

Leading players after Day 3 from each team

Captain's Team

Bobby Ho was the star for the Captains team winning 4.5 points from 5.
Kevin Armitt had 4 points from 5, and Captain John Shaw had 3.5 points from 5.

Challenger's Team

Kevin Morris had the best return with 3.5 points from 5.
Four players finished with 3 points from 5.  Ian Ronson , Howard Holliday , Gordon Galloway and John Martin.


Both Captains thanked all the participants for their efforts and points and another very enjoyable tour was concluded after the presentation.

Current BUNGS tour win percentages

(After the 2021 Dumfries Tour)

Member Tour Win Percentage No of Tours Attended
Hornby, Brian 100.0% 1
Armitt, Kevin 75.0% 4
Tyler, Gary 65.6% 9
Barkshire, Steve 65.0% 6
Holliday, Howard 63.0% 19
Craig Vale 62.9% 12
Dodwell, Martyn 62.7% 21
Lloyd, Steve 62.0% 21
Tolley, Alex 62.0% 5
Thompson, Adam 59.7% 16
Shaw, John 59.2% 21
Moore, Jamie 59.0% 13
Galloway, Gordon 58.6% 14
Morris, Kevin 58.6% 7
Smith, Neil 58.6% 7
Hughes, Karl 57.5% 21
Brown, Robert 56.7% 3
Heard, Alan 55.6% 9
Thacker, Tim 55.1% 19
Latham, Phil 55.0% 12
Marchant, Adrian 53.0% 15
Smith, Andy 51.9% 13
Tolley, Alan 50.6% 17
Shipman, James 50.1% 21
Poultney, Les 50.0% 2
Raji, Steven 50.0% 6
Ronson, Ian 50.0% 2
Strudwick, Owen 50.0% 1
Meaney, Peter 48.9% 9
Haley, John 48.8% 10
Ho, Bobby 48.1% 20
Thorpe, Graham 45.7% 7
Thacker, Jeff 45.5% 11
Harris, Steve 44.5% 11
Sullivan, Gordon 43.9% 19
White, Neil 43.3% 3
Gross, Steve 40.8% 6
Fox, Mike 40.2% 15
Martin,John 40.0% 4
Mullaney, Shaun 38.0% 10
Mansell, John 35.6% 13
Grubb, Dave 34.6% 13
Johnson, Mark 34.0% 10
Jackson, Anthony 30.0% 4
Penny, Darren 30.0% 1
Stamper, John 13.3% 3
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