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2015 Challenge Cup Match

The 2015 Challenge Cup Match

Barton under Needwood Golf Society versus Friends Golf Society

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Aston Wood Golf Club

Write-up by Graham Thorpe

The sixth annual fixture with the Friends Society took place at Aston Wood Golf Club on Wednesday 29th April 2015.

The team for this year's match

Gary Tyler (qualified from finishing 2nd in 2014 League Cup)
Phil Latham (qualified from finishing 7th in 2014 League Cup)
Alan Heard (qualified from finishing 8th in 2014 League Cup)
Peter Meaney (qualified from finishing 11th in 2014 League Cup)
Paul Jobbins (qualified from finishing 19th in 2014 League Cup)
Jeff Sackett (qualified from finishing 22nd in 2014 League Cup)
Adrian Marchant (qualified from finishing 34th in 2014 League Cup)
Wayne Conlon (qualified from finishing 54th in 2014 League Cup)
Hilary Stevenson (qualified from finishing 62nd in 2014 League Cup)
Alan Hall (qualified from finishing 72nd in 2014 League Cup)


Friends were the 'home' team for 2015 and chose Aston Wood Golf Club for the venue.

BUNGS had to field a depleted team this year due to late withdrawals and illness plus a declining interest it appeared for the match from the majority of the membership.

In the absence of Mark, Gary took up the responsibility of captain for the day. Friends refused to wave the three points even though we offered to play 10 versus 12 so all their team selected got games. They weren’t prepared to risk the final result 


Morning fourball-betterballs

Gary Tyler (13) & Alan Heard (8) beat Soc Efstathiou (2) & Jason Nicolaou (4) 2/1
Adrian Marchant (15) & Paul Jobbins (11) beat Warren Jobe & Paul Dudley 2/1
Peter Meaney (12) & Jeff Sackett (20) beat Andy Wassall & Tom Serghi 5/3
Barry Alambritis & Saleem Zahid Din beat Wayne Conlon (20) & Hilary Stephenson (19) 7/6
Phil Latham (16) & Alan Hall (24) half Naim Butt & Shahab Din (Bob) A/S

With the bit between their teeth the underdogs set out to prove a point or two.

In the first game Gary birdied the first and were still 1 up at the turn. Friends got it back to all square at the 15th , then Gary again birdied the 16th and Alan won the 17th for BUNGS to record a handsome win against Friends strongest pair.

Game 2 featured the late substitute flying macho and his partner Paul Jobbins. Like his driving they started well, being 2 up after 3 holes, then relaxed all square after five, one down at the turn, still in relaxed mode 3 down after 12 holes and then just like a popeye as he opened his tin of spinach they combined as a team and won 5 holes in a row to take the match 2& 1.

Game 3   featured our steady performers Peter Meaney and Jeff Sackett teamed up for the very first time. At the turn they were 4 up and although Friends pulled one back after 12 holes, Bungs finished successfully winners 5 & 3.
BUNGS WIN 5 & 3.

Game 4 saw our team of Wayne & Hilary up against the long hitters of Friends. They battled hard to keep the match alive but eventually had to bow to the inevitable and lost 7 & 6.

Game 5 featured  Phil Latham veteran(of these matches)  and rookie Alan Hall, quite a bit of banter between the pairings for this match saw Bungs take 2 hole lead after nine holes, then as Friends came back and pushed the game to the last hole Alan missed a short putt to win the last but somehow the ball missed the hole and the match finished all square.
Match Halved.

The boys had done well and we had obviously rattled the Friends team.

Morning Score - Friends - 1.5 / BUNGS - 3.5


Afternoon singles

Soc Efstathiou beat Alan Heard 4/3
Jason Nicolaou  beat Gary Tyler 5/4
Warren Jobe beat Paul Jobbins 4/3
Adrian Marchant beat Paul Dudley 5/3
Peter Meaney beat Tom Sergio 7/6
Andy Wassell beat Jeff Sackett 6/5
Wayne Conlon half Barry Alambritis A/S
Saleem Zahid Din beat Hilary Stevenson 2up
Phil Latham beat Naim Butt 2/1
Shahab Din (Bob) beat Alan Hall 5/4

The afternoon singles went to Friends as we were over powered by the long hitters and low handicappers.

Bungs players put up a good contest with  Peter and Adrian taking maximum points for us from both their matches.

The question is would we have been better with a full team to share the burden more?  Perhaps Friends eliminated their two weakest players we will never know?

Having failed to get a full team this year it must question the future of this annual match, and before we consider future games perhaps our members should vote for it’s continuation or abandonment as it has been difficult this year to fulfil the fixture.

Afternoon Score - Friends - 6.5 / BUNGS - 3.5

Friends then claimed the three points for the two players BUNGS were short to give a final match score of:


Final Score

Friends - 11 / BUNGS - 7

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