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2012 Results

Our results for the 2011/2012 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Challenge Trophy
Whittington Heath Golf Club
- 24th October 2012
27 hole stableford (full handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
Another large turnout of 43 members arrived at Whittington Heath for the Challenge Trophy, the final event of the BUNGS season, where all 27 holes to be played (18 before lunch, 9 after) counted. Although grey skies loomed overhead throughout the day, all stayed dry except for 5 minutes drizzle around 10am. Being a heathland course with a reputation for good drainage, the fairways were indeed in good condition, with the greens speedy and, as usual, testing, with nary a straight putt on offer.

Out promptly at 9am, Tim Thacker forgot to take the Nearest the Pin markers out with him, so the markers on the 4th & 7th in the morning consisted of a scrap of paper held in place by a spare tee-peg. On completion of the 9th, Tim ran in to reclaim the forgotten markers and, after he’d got his breath back, things proceeded smoothly thereafter.

Tim also had a hand in the Captains Challenge Hole selection. The Captain had all along intended that the 4th should be the named hole, but Tim (a WHGC member) suggested that the 13th was a better bet: although only 135yds or so, it was “trickier to hit.” In the event Tim proved correct; many groups reported that 2 of the 3 made the shot but, once again, all groups failed in the Challenge. This Challenge is getting increasingly “interesting”; with the “Prize Pot” now standing at £180, it will be a QUINTUPLE roll over at Woodhall Spa. (With the Captain and Vice Captain not attending, Steve will be responsible for the selection of the hole).

With the light due to fail by about 6pm, there was pressure on all to not fall behind groups ahead or play slowly oneself, Steve having stressed this out on the call-out. As it turned out the last group finished in good time, and were not inconvenienced by any failing light issues. (This even though Martyn Dodwell only turned-up at lunchtime and joined in for the afternoon 9 holes!)

Being the last event of the season, there were a number of issues to settle: going into the event with a lead of 8 points over his nearest rival Graham Bilsland looked a fair bet to retain the Gross Birdies League. The Nett Birdies League was, however, not quite so straightforward with three potential winners; Gary Tyler, Stuart Fairweather and Graham Adams. The League Cup, where points are awarded relative to your finishing position, with the best four scores for each player counting, had five potential winners. As the results were collated at close of play much discussion took place to finalise this last competition.

As far as the day was concerned, Lloyd Johnson came in 5th with 50 points (35pts + 15pts off 7 H’cap). Mike Fox was 4th with the same score (34pts + 16pts off 18 H’cap) by virtue of a better last 9, and Adam Thompson came 3rd with 52pts (37pts + 15pts off 5 H’cap). Whilst on the course Phil Latham must have thought he stood a chance, scoring 37pts in the morning and following up with a further 19pts in the afternoon (off 18 H’cap), however this fine effort was only good enough for a 2nd place finish as Steve Barkshire shot a sizzling 62pts overall (38pts + 24Pts) off his 18 H’cap. Apparently Steve had been away in Florida the previous week, played golf EVERY day and brought the good form he developed back home to win by 6 points.

Nearest the Pin winners were Paul Herrmann (am) & Shaun Mullaney (pm) on the 4th, Alan Heard (am) & Steve Barkshire (pm) on the 7th, Phil Latham on the 13th and Lloyd Johnson on the 15th. Longest Drive was held on the 9th in the afternoon, and although there were a number of (very) big hits Gary Tyler took the honours as his effort stayed on the fairway. 2’s were scored by Alan Heard and Howard Holliday (both on the 7th) and Mark Johnson, Shaun Mullaney and Adam Thompson (all on the 13th).

In the annual competitions, Graham Bilsland retained his title in the Gross Birdies League as expected. Despite having the gap closed to 3 points on this final day Gary Tyler held on to win the Nett Birdies League. Phil Latham and Steve Barkshire both finished the season with 113 points each in the League Cup, however Steve takes the title by virtue of winning two events during the year (Phil never actually won an event, having one second and three third places) events. Finally, Alan Heard recently beat Mark Johnson 2/1 at Sherwood Forest GC to take the Matchplay Knockout Trophy. Congratulations to all.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
7th Par 3 177 yards Alan Heard £5
7th Par 3 177 yards Howard Holliday £5
13th Par 3 135 yards Adam Thompson £5
13th Par 3 135 yards Shaun Mullaney £5
13th Par 3 135 yards Mark Johnson £5

Captain's Trophy
Enville Golf Club
- 28th September 2012
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
33 BUNGS members made their way to Enville Golf Club, west of Stourbridge, for the 2012 Captains Day. Enville is a club of high standing and boasts 2 18-hole layouts, one of which – The Highgate – has been used for Regional Open Qualifying. The BBC Weather forecast for the day was spot-on: a light shower in the morning, followed by a bright but blustery afternoon. AMAZING!

The morning competition was to be played on the Highgate course, and play commenced as the morning shower started. The now regular morning format was once again employed: Best score in the 3-ball being recorded for holes 1-3, best 2 scores on holes 3-6, and all 3 holes on holes 7,8 &9. Scoring was never going to be easy as with the rain the course played long. Scores of around 30 points were plentiful, but a couple of groups got into the high 30’s. The winning group – Lynton Oleofsen, Gordon Sullivan & John Mansell - excelled by returning 40 points and  winning £11 each.

The Captain had organised the attendance of a team from the Stroke Association to conduct Blood Pressure Tests of both Society and local Members during the Lunch Break, hoping to make all aware of their BP and its relevance as an indicator of potential Stroke illness. At this point also the “Bottle-in-a-Bin” was introduced, where those who entered stood the chance of winning one of three Bottles – or the “Mystery Prize!

Back on the course, the afternoon round was to be played on the Lodge course and, as per the forecast the sky was clear but with a blustery wind.  Off the tee, the Driving could be tight, and anything slightly wayward found heather, from which escape could be difficult - to put it mildly. This combination, on an already testing course led to scoring below the usual level expected.

Results for the afternoon saw Adam Thompson return 29 points (off 5 H’cap) to take 5th place, with Keith Wright scoring 30 points (off 14 H’cap) in 4th. Simon Hayward (H’cap 10) and John Martin (H’cap 21) both managed 32 points: Simon prevailed courtesy of a better back 9 to take 2nd place and the Division 1 Trophy (H’cap 0-10), with John earning the Division 4 Trophy (H’cap 20-28). A Division 2 Handicapper (11-15) took the win overall: Lynton Oleofsen continuing his morning form to return 34 points from a H’cap of 15. (Best Division 3 (16-20 H’cap) Golfer of the day was Gary Tyler with 27 points off 18 H’cap).

With only 3 Par 3’s, the Captain, with the help of the Pro, had selected the 8th as the Challenge hole, but this still proved beyond those members in attendance, so that the prize fund, now standing at £137, rolls on to the next event at Whittington for a QUADRUPLE rollover!

Other winners at Enville were Adam Thompson, nearest the pin on the 1st, Mark Johnson nearest at the 8th and John Haley nearest at the 17th. Graham Bilsland took the Longest Drive and also recorded the only 2 of the day, receiving a crisp £20 note. Celtic finally managed to win something, if only enabling Craig Vale to take the Blackout prize of £20!

The final winners of the day came from those who entered the “Bottle-in-a-Bin”: Graham Bilsland winning a Bottle of Brandy, our guest from the Stroke Association going home with a bottle of Champagne, Alan Tolley (to receive) a bottle of Scotch – and Adam Thompson winning the Mystery Prize - a Bag of Crisps!

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
17th Par 3 156 yards Graham Bilsland £20

BUNGS Shield
Shirley Golf Clu
b - 30th August 2012
36 hole eclectic stableford (3/4 handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
35 Bungs members arrived at Shirley Golf Club to contest the BUNGS Shield. Although a fine morning, (more) rain had fallen in the previous couple of days and we were greeted on arrival by the sight of standing water on the Practice Putting Green.

This being the “Eclectic” competition in the BUNGS diary, all holes were to be played twice, with the best score on each being recorded, but with the disadvantage of playing off ¾ handicap, making scoring more difficult. To add to the difficulty, a stiff breeze was blowing, which continued throughout the day.

Despite a couple of members “pushing-in” to get a competition round started, play got underway only 5 minutes late, with two of the society’s “crocks” (Bill Ball & Stuart Fairweather) sharing a buggy. Some members had decided to opt for wearing their waterproof trousers from the word go, and this decision was proved to be somewhat correct as the heavens threw a couple of short, sharp showers at us during the morning 18 holes.

Despite the previous rain, the course was in reasonable condition – with the exception of the bunkers. In an effort to dry them out the greenkeepers had raked them roughly and left them, resembling a ploughed field. The result was that if unfortunate enough to enter one, it was almost impossible, or at least very difficult, to escape!

The Captain’s Challenge hole for the day was the 3rd: measuring 135yds to the centre of the green but with a small pond protecting the front. Club selection was made trickier because of the headwind faced off the tee. Peter Meaney got close enough in the afternoon to take the nearest the pin but, for the 2nd Society day running, no group completed the challenge, meaning that the next BUNGS day Captain’s Challenge will have a double-rollover!

If no group completed the Captain’s Challenge then it was made up for by those recording 2’s. 12 were recorded during the day, with four members (Messrs Meaney, Marchant, Bilsland & Jobbins) each recording two.

With all playing off the aforesaid ¾ handicap it was perhaps inevitable that the better players were those in the prizes. 5th, with 37 points (off 14 h’cap) and on count back, was Paul Herrmann. Succeeding Paul, again on count back, was Steve Lloyd (off 7). One of the society’s steadiest players (and a regular recipient of a prize) came 3rd; Phil Latham scored 38 points (off 19). Graham Bilsland (2 h’cap) made a rare visit to the podium with an excellent 41 points. He must have thought he had won it with such a score, and his face was a picture when it was announced that he had been pipped by Paul Jobbins. 42 points (off 13) was a fabulous return from a course that played as tough as Shirley did. Well done Paul.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 136 yards Gary Tyler £5
3rd Par 3 136 yards Adrian Marchent £5
3rd Par 3 136 yards Peter Meaney £5
3rd Par 3 136 yards Mark Johnson £5
8th Par 3 185 yards Graham Bilsland £5
8th Par 3 185 yards Adrian Marchant £5
8th Par 3 185 yards Peter Meaney £5
9th Par 4 334 yards Paul Jobbins £5
12th Par 3 151 yards Paul Jobbins £5
12th Par 3 151 yards Graham Bilsland £5
12th Par 3 151 yards Terry Tomkiss £5
12th Par 3 151 yards Graham Adams £5

Pairs Championship
Longcliffe Golf Club
- 3rd August 2012
18 hole fourball-betterball stableford (3/4 handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
In preparation for this year’s Pairs Championship, 35 members arrived in good time at Longcliffe Golf Club near Loughborough. The recent upturn in the weather had continued, and with only a light, short shower forecast around lunchtime the omens for a good day’s play were good. However, Longcliffe, being one of the premier courses in the Midlands, is known to be very tough, and would provide all with a stiff challenge, especially as players would be off the obligatory ¾ handicap for the format making scoring still more difficult.

As per the usual format, Pairs were drawn over breakfast and were greeted with a mix of good humour and groans (again, usual!) with defending Champions Tim Thacker & Graham Thorpe leading off the 2nd group. Unusually, the 1st is a Par 3, meaning that players have to be “on it” from their first shot. The 2nd fairway slopes to the right and many drives bounced off the fairway and into the rough as a result. Although ostensibly wispy, balls could be difficult to find as they tended to settle down. When found, the grass could then grab the clubhead, making a clean escape difficult.

The morning was played as a 4BBB over 12 holes, and Graham Bilsland & Steve Gross came out on top, scoring an excellent 26 points. Close behind were Dennis Childs & Chris Craddy scoring 24 points, and attaining 2nd place by virtue of a better back 3. The BBC Weather forecasters got it right for once, with only a couple of groups still out pre-lunch getting caught in the short, but stiff, shower. A slightly breezier afternoon round, and the competition proper, was played out under once again sunny skies.

Continuing their good form from the morning, Dennis Childs & Chris Craddy came home with 36 points to take 3rd place. Brian Hornby was partnered by new member Lynton Oelofsen, and between them they managed 37 points to come home as runners-up. With what was obviously a very steady but productive round of 39 points, Karl Hughes & Neil White became the BUNGS 2012 Pairs Champions, Karl recording one of only two 2’s during the afternoon on the difficult par 3 15th.

Although a Pairs event, the Captains Challenge hole was still held, although no group managed to achieve success. This, of course, means a “Rollover” of the pot at the next event at Shirley.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
5th Par 3 135 yards Gary Tyler £10
15th Par 3 157 yards Karl Hughes £10

BUNGS Championship & BUNGS Masters
Cavendish Golf Club
- 15th June 2012
18 hole stableford (full handicap) - 29 holes for Masters Qualifiers

Write-up by Graham Adams
39 members made their way to Buxton for the BUNGS Championship & BUNGS Masters dual event, held this year at Cavendish Golf Club. On my only previous visit to the venue (August 2004?) the weather had been similar to that which we have enjoyed(!) recently. On that occasion the course had been closed due to the rain, so it was with some surprise that we found it open and playable.

After the obligatory Bacon Rolls, the players scrambled up the rough path to the 1st tee to get underway, with the 7 Masters qualifiers present starting in groups 2, 3 & 4. Their total scores for all 29 holes played would count toward who won the event, whereas for the rest, this was just “practice”, albeit with the new group scoring format introduced at Wollaton. Practice seemed to be what was needed as for those who had never played the course before, Cavendish quickly revealed that to score well, the course had to be treated with respect and learned.

The morning session turned into something of a battle as once again the weather bared its teeth, making an already difficult course tougher.   The morning competition was won by Graham Bilsland, Gary Tyler and Andy Hall with a score of 49 points, each winning £13.

The afternoon saw the weather relent, and whilst it could be said that the going had become easier, scoring was still difficult. Cavendish is a course full of interest and contour, where every hole is different and club selection – particularly on the par 3’s – was never easy. (Just like the walking!)

When enquiring which hole should be selected for the Captains Challenge Hole, the Pro suggested the 108 yard 15th. When countered with “Are you sure???” he simply replied “Trust me!” How right he was: with 13 groups (40 members) playing, only 1 group succeeded in the challenge. Neil White, Malcolm Collins & Brian Hornby taking the money. (A rollover from Wollaton, meaning each received £26).

In the main competition Graham Adams scored 32 pts from a handicap of 28 to finish 5th, with Graham Thorpe taking 4th spot by just 1 point (off a handicap of 20). As is commonplace, 2nd / 3rd was decided on countback, each player scoring 34 points. Howard Holliday (H’cap 4.8) was just pipped by Peter Meaney, newly cut at his club to 15.4. Winner, and 2012 BUNGS Champion, was Steve Barkshire, scoring 35 points off a H’cap of 18.8.

The Masters competition was played very intensely, particularly in the 2nd group out which featured Bobby Ho, Mark Johnson and Tim Thacker. Bobby had a blistering morning scoring 23 points, but in the afternoon it was Tim who came back strongly. Eventually Graham Thorpe came 3rd with a total of 48 points, but Bobby managed to hold on, outscoring Tim by a single point to be 2012 Masters Champion with a score of 51 points in total.

The other major winner of the day was John Haley: 40 balls had been purchased for the Ball Draw and it was John who can look forward to FREE (standard) golf with the Society in 2013. A second ball, worth 2 free (standard) events, was drawn, with Alan Heard being the lucky recipient.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 121 yards Neil White £5
4th Par 3 121 yards Karl Hughes £5
4th Par 3 121 yards Alan Tolley £5
15th Par 3 108 yards Peter Meaney £5
15th Par 3 108 yards Brian Keates £5

BUNGS Memorial Salver
Wollaton Park Golf Club
- 19th May 2012
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
At last, a day’s Society golf without rain! Though the 40 attendees did have to contend with (an increasingly) blustery wind as the day went on, at least it stayed dry! Arrival at the (gorgeous) clubhouse seemed a little less fraught than when we were last at Wollaton (2003), with everyone arriving well in advance of the start-time, which had been moved forward 15 minutes to accommodate the (once again) large numbers.

Once on the course it was difficult to believe that there had been so much rain recently, as the fairways were in excellent condition. Even more so, the greens seemed as if they needed watering: repairing of pitch marks was a rare event on putting surfaces that were hard and unreceptive, with the majority of chips & pitches failing to grip and careering off the back. Allied to the wind conditions, holding the greens was a problem which led to difficult scoring conditions. Indeed, only 2 players scored better than “Nett” par overall on the day. Still, 3 members managed to make 2’s: those by Steve Lloyd and Gordon Sullivan were equalled by Dennis Childs who holed out for his 2nd gross birdie in succession, having holed a monster 25 footer from the fringe for a 3 on the previous green.

As with our last visit, straying off the fairway was to be avoided. Although not particularly long, the rough was as tangly as remembered, and once in there it was difficult to escape.

The morning routine was changed experimentally, with a format suggested by Graham Thorpe: one best Stableford score to count on the 1st 3 holes, the two best scores to count on the next 3 holes and all 3 scores to count on the final 3 holes of the morning, with the highest scoring 3-ball taking the pot. Clearly, steady play was the answer here, as the eventual winning group, with 41 points, was Stuart Fairweather, Brian Keates and …. Graham Thorpe. Overall, the experiment was very well received, and it was agreed to continue with this format at the next event.

In the main competition, Brian Keates came 5th, scoring 35 points. Steve Gross matched this but had a better back 6 to finish 4th. One point ahead, and finishing 3rd was the now sexagenarian Phil Latham. (Happy Birthday Phil!), and on 37 points in 2nd position, came Mike Fox. All were roundly beaten on the day though by Stuart Fairweather, who managed to match his 3-ball score from the morning 9 holes with an excellent 41 points with his own ball in the afternoon. Well played Stuart.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
13th Par 3 165 yards Steve Lloyd £10
17th Par 3 172 yards Gordon Sullivan £10
17th Par 3 172 yards Dennis Childs £10

The Enterprise Cup
Lindrick Golf Club
- 19th April 2012
27 hole stableford (full handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
Lindrick has, ostensibly, only one potential water hazard, the burbling River Ryton, which meanders behind the blind 4th Green. (Did anyone get a wet ball?) Unfortunately, Society members had to contend with an increasing number of “occasional” water “hazards” towards the end of the day as they battled home whilst being rained on heavily from the heavens above. Although it was raining steadily when most of the 4-balls started, the skies cleared to provide clear, warm (if breezy) weather for the majority of the earlier rounds, and it wasn’t until the afternoon 9-holes were well underway that the heavens really opened.

Weather aside, this course must be one of the finest (if not THE finest) that has ever been included as part of the regular BUNGS calendar (tours excepted). Broad fairways, immaculately manicured, with intelligently sited bunkers and rough drew one to those fabulous greens. Even in the soggy (?) conditions, they were fast, so much so that it was not unusual in our 4-ball for pitches to land just shy of the front and career off the back. Similarly, a 2-foot putt missed due to the subtle borrows could lead to a 4-6 foot return to hole out - WONDERFUL! (Bill Hancock: Apparently, on the 5th green, a putt hit in Nottinghamshire could travel through Yorkshire and on into Derbyshire before it reached the opposite fringe!)

The reputation of the Club had obviously gone before it, as 48 members (a record) had travelled to North Nottinghamshire to take their turn off the 1st Tee. With all 27 holes counting, to be in with a chance of the silverware members had to be on their game from the start. Morning scores in the middle to high 20’s seemed popular, but a few members managed to get into the middle 30’s. With the weather worsening, steady golf was required for the remaining 9-holes, and this would prove to be decisive at the end.

In 5th place, Gary Tyler scored 48 points off a handicap of 18 (33 and 15). 4th was Terry Tomkiss off 17 with the same score (33 and 15, but with a better back 3). Peter Meaney, after a superb 38 points in the morning, came in with 50 points off  his 18 handicap. Beating Peter to 2nd place was Alan Heard (handicap 13), again with 50 points but with a better back 9 (35 and 15).

Overall winner, and taking his second event of the 2011/12 season (played in two events, won two events) was Simon Hayward (handicap 11) with 51 points (33 and 18). Well done Simon for scoring so well (matched only by Mike Fox) in the bad weather of the afternoon.

One of the steadier players on the afternoon was Bobby Ho, who for an instant thought he had scored an eagle 2 at the 9th. As the players approached the green, 3 balls could be seen on the putting surface, with Bobby’s the ball missing. Whilst he was searching short of the green for his ball, Dave Grubb wandered over to the flag and reached down to pull a ball from the hole. Bobby’s face was a picture as Dave enquired “Is this your ball Bob?”, before we all fell into fits of laughter as Grubby calmly returned the ball to his pocket!

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 154 yards Alan Heard £10
6th Par 3 131 yards Paul Hermann £10
6th Par 3 131 yards Simon Hayward £10

The Ballesteros Bowl
Olton Golf Club
- 22nd March 2012
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Write-up by Graham Adams
There was plenty of excitement ahead of the start of the 2012 BUNGS season: not only was there to be a record turnout for a BUNGS event but it seemed that everybody had made an effort to arrive early at Olton Golf Club in anticipation of the event. The weather promised great things as there had been an unseasonable warm spell running up to the event. And although 48 members had signed up for the event (plus reserves), there were eventually 44 starters on a bright, sunny morning.

Being the first event of the new season it was, of course, time for new Captain Graham Adams to undergo the pressure of his Drive-in. Arriving early in time to sort out which holes were to be used for the longest drive and for the new par 3 Challenge, the Captain’s season got off to a rather rushed start preparing the cards for the day; only managing half a bacon sandwich and ½ cup of tea.  By the time he arrived at the first tee he only had a few minutes to loosen up before the rest of the members arrived to cheer (or should that be jeer) him on.

There were many guesses as to what his opening drive of the season would be; from 40 yards and up to 228.  In the end our new Captain, to loud cheers, managed 177 yards, with an exaggerated fade (but not a slice - ed) into the headwind facing him. Perhaps not what he would have wished, and certainly not what he had recently been achieving, but at least he didn’t disgrace himself.

As for the course, Olton proved itself to be a stiff yet fair adversary, with tight fairways and slick greens featuring subtle borrows. It was later learned that the club has a new green keeper, and as well as treating the greens in the normal fashion for this time of year he also regularly rolls them, suggesting that they will be really quick in the height of summer.

Big winner of the day, at least on the financial side, was Alan Tolley: not only was he awarded £5 for a two, he also won the blackout!  On top of this he was a member of the only group, with Mike Fox and Paul Jobbins, to complete the Par 3 challenge; each receiving £15. AND he took the money for correctly guessing the Drive-in length – EXACTLY!

One person who did not enjoy the day quite so much was first time attendee, Andy Hall. Sporting a fine pair of Union Jack trousers, Andy must have thought the event was dedicated to Ian Poulter rather than Seve. Mid-way through his round, Andy tried to jump over a ditch, slipped and fell on his side. He was in too much pain to continue and had to walk-in and a trip to A&E showed two broken ribs. Not the best start to is BUNGS 'career'.

Overall scoring was relatively low, reflecting both the toughness of the course and perhaps some early season rustiness. Only 10 players bettered 30 points: Terry Tomkiss and Steve Berkshire on 31 points, with Brian Keates in 8th place, Ivan Wozniak in 7th, Peter Meaney 6th, Howard Holliday 5th, and Peter Graves 4th, all on 32 points.

The top three players all scored 34 points: in third place, losing out on a worse back nine, was Phil Latham.  Stewart Fairweather, courtesy of his better back nine took second place.

As a result of a still better back nine, Neil Smith took the honours for the day and was the first recipient of the Ballesteros Bowl, the superb new trophy awarded by the Society in remembrance of the late Spanish master. When he handed his card in Neil’s expression went from crestfallen (“not very good I’m afraid”) to dumbstruck when he was informed that, at least on points, he was up there with the leaders. I’m sure another expression crossed his face, and perhaps his lips, however as he returned to his car to leave for home only to find his windscreen smashed! Nice to see that in memory of Seve Ballesteros, someone managed to hit a ball into the car park!

A really enjoyable, if testing, opening to the 2012 season, and at a course we will surely visit again sooner rather than later.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
5th Par 3 171 yards Ivan Wozniak £5
8th Par 3 166 yards James Shipman £5
15th Par 3 148 yards Keith Wright £5
15th Par 3 148 yards Gordon Galloway £5

The Christmas Cup
Maxstoke Park Golf Club
- 15th December 2011
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

One of the highest ever turn-out of 43 members battled through the horrific traffic to Maxstoke Park Golf Club for the 2012 Christmas Cup. Most people did arrive in time, John Shaw just about made it, running onto the first tee with his shoelaces flapping in the breeze.

The weather was cold but it was a bright, dry day and we could not really have asked for better conditions in mid-December. The course was a bit wet in places but the greens were lightning fast for the time of year and all-in-all it was, as always, an excellent venue for The Christmas Cup.

Scoring was pretty good and there were many birdies and even one eagle about. At the par five 7th, Graham Bilsland hit driver, driver to reach in two and rolled in a 30 footer for eagle. It's a good job we weren't playing matchplay as his playing partner, Peter Meaney, also holed a good putt for a 4 nett 3 for a 'half'.

Graham's eagle helped him to 34 points which was a very popular score with six players on that total. Countback separated them as Graham in 10th, Alan Tolley in 9th, Neil White in 8th, Mike Fox in 7th, Neil Smith in 6th and Ian Talboys in 5th. One point ahead in 4th was Brian Keates scoring 18 on the front nine and 17 on the back nine off his handicap of 23. Peter Meaney was playing off 20 and scored 19 on the front nine and 18 on the back nine for a 37 point total and third place.

Also on 37 was new Committee member Graham Thorpe off 21 with 18 on the front nine and 19 on the back nine to pip Peter into second with his better back nine. The winner, in what is becoming a regular occurrence, was Simon Hayward off a handicap of 11. Simon scored just the 18 on the front nine but followed this with 21 on the back nine for a 39 point total and his third victory of the 2011 calendar year. An excellent performance Simon, let's see if you can continue the form off your ever decreasing handicap in 2012.

A great three course Christmas dinner was served afterwards, and that was followed by mince pies, coffee and mints and the annual prize giving and AGM to round off another great BUNGS year. Have a great Christmas and New Year and see you all on 2012.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
9th Par 3 194 yards Anthony Jackson £10
16th Par 3 160 yards Adrian Marchant £10

The Cliff Thompson Salver
Conwy Golf Club
- 18th November 2011
North Wales Golf Club - 19th November 2011
36 hole stableford (full handicap)

31 players made the drive to North Wales for the 2011 Cliff Thomson Salver. This year it was voted that we play the competition over all 36 holes (18 at Conwy Golf Club and 18 at North Wales Golf Club) instead of what we have done in the past, which was a fun fourball-betterball on the first day and the 18 hole competition for the trophy on the second day. The drive-up to Llandudno was very good and the weather, for the time of year, was superb and I can't really imagine how we could get better weather on a November trip.

After a hearty breakfast (more hearty for some after Graham Adams polished-off six slices of black pudding) it was out onto the Conwy putting green and onto the first tee.

Scoring at Conwy was mixed with some players struggling and others doing really well. Those at the top of the tree and in main contention for the overall price were Steve Barkshire in 1st (39 points), Karl Hughes in 2nd (37 points), Brian Keates in 3rd (36 points), Adam Thompson in 4th (36 points), Bobby Ho in 5th (36 points), Gary Tyler in 6th (35 points), Mark Johnson in 7th (33 points) and Malcolm Collins in 8th (33 points).

After the golf it was over to The Esplanade Hotel on the Llandudno sea front. It is safe to say that the hotel has seen better days and is a bit scruffy and dated in places, but for what we paid it is cracking value for money. I know there were a few grumblings about the quality of both the food and accommodation but please bear in mind that if you're expecting to stay in places the quality you visit when away on business, the cost of the trip would increase substantially. I will look into alternative accommodation for our 2013 visit and will report back to the society to see how the majority want to play it (pay an extra £30-£60 for a better hotel or stick with The Esplanade).

The weather on Saturday morning was again excellent and the very short drive to North Wales was undertaken in in good spirits. Scoring at North Wales was very good indeed with some superb scores being bandied about.

The prize winners for the two round totals started with Brian Keates in 5th place with rounds of 36 and 38 points for a 74 point total off a handicap of 24. Also on 74 points with rounds of 33 and and excellent 41 points was Malcolm Collins off his handicap of 22.

One point better on 75 points in third place was Steve Barkshire off 19 with rounds of 39 and 36. Despite being out past 2am, Gary Tyler managed to have a superb round of golf at North Wales with 42 points, which added to his 35 from Conwy for a 77 point total of his handicap of 20.

Under normal circumstances, Gary's score would have easily won the event but Bobby Ho was having an inspired day at North Wales. He went round in a gross 76 for a whopping 43 points of a handicap of 12 to go with his 36 at Conwy for an astonishing 79 point total. Well played Bobby.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
6th Conwy Par 3 164 yards Bobby Ho £5
6th Conwy Par 3 164 yards Mark Johnson £5
13th Conwy Par 3 167 yards Adrian Marchant £5
13th Conwy Par 3 167 yards Martyn Dodwell £5
15th Conwy Par 3 147 yards Bobby Ho £5
15th Conwy Par 3 147 yards John Evans £5
13th North Wales Par 3 176 yards John Shaw £5
16th North Wales Par 3 141 yards Karl Hughes £5
17th North Wales Par 3 113 yards Adrian Marchant £5

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