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2004 Results

Our results for the 2004 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Challenge Trophy
The Leicestershire Golf Club
 - 22nd October 2004
27 hole stableford (full handicap)

It was with some trepidation that we travelled through the early morning rain on the way to The Leicestershire Golf Club for the 2004 Challenge Trophy. A huge amount of rain fell overnight and there was a severe worry that the event could be cancelled, only the third cancellation in BUNGS history (and all in 2004). A steady stream of calls were coming through to Steve's mobile (why people can't call the club direct to find out if the course is open I don't know), and when we finally got through to the pro-shop they confirmed, with great relief to Steve, that the course was open.

Perhaps it was the rain or the Leicester traffic, but most people were arriving much later than usual, and it was a rush to get onto the first tee on time. Despite the early groups starting in the rain, this subsided fairly quickly and we were faced with high wind, and not rain being the major problem of the day. Considering the rain that had fallen, the course was in absolutely superb condition, with only a few 'soggy' areas on the entire course. The tees and fairways were good, but the greens were excellent and as good as some of the greens we've played on in the height of summer.

Out of a total of 30 players competing for the trophy, someone has to come last. However it was a great surprise that it was the winner of the previous event, Ian Talboys, who scored a truly pathetic 30 points over the 27 holes (18 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon). This even included four points for an eagle two at the 13th, which goes to show how poor the rest of Ian's game must have been. At least his handicap hasn't gone-up again before the new handicap system comes into place.  

The Leicestershire has no par fives and plenty of long par fours so is a very difficult golf course, meaning scoring was never going to be easy. Just outside of the prizes however, there were some notable performances with Neil Smith scoring 47 points and Bobby Ho, Graham Bilsland, Steve Lloyd, Tim Thacker and Adrian Marchant all scoring 48. Despite missing out on prizes on the day, Neil Smith and Graham Bilsland had cause for celebration as they won the nett birdies league and gross birdies league respectively.  

In fifth place on 50 points was John Shaw playing off a handicap of seven scoring 34 points over the morning 18 holes and 16 on the afternoon front nine. One ahead of John on 51 points was fellow GP James Shipman playing off 13 with an excellent 37 in the morning and a slightly less impressive 14 in the afternoon. Also on 51 points and ahead of James by virtue of a better afternoon round was Adam Thompson, playing off a handicap of 7 (36 points morning and 15 points afternoon). This third place finish was also more than enough for Adam to secure the league cup title for the second time in three years. Let's hope his new handicap of five will give someone else a chance next year.  

Despite being in contention on many occasions, Karl Hughes had never won an individual event (he did win the Pairs with Chris Craddy in 2000). He must have fancied his chances of finally taking a title with his score of 52 points (34 morning, 18 afternoon) being in the clubhouse lead for a long time. Karl is obviously in fine form after coming third at the previous golf day and despite a handicap reduction to 13, he still scored well, but not well enough as he was brushed aside by John Bayliss.  

John is another player in good form and, aided by a favourable handicap of 17, his confidence has been high. With the new top of the range Ping irons and Cobra woods he is using (he had his previous set stolen several months ago), he had a high finish in the previous BUNGS event, but blew everyone away at The Leicestershire with a superb 55 points. John scored an excellent 38 points in the morning and 17 points in the afternoon to secure his first BUNGS title since the Summer Shield of 2002. Well played John.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 191 yards Rob Summerfield £5
8th Par 3 158 yards Darren Weston £5
8th Par 3 158 yards Adam Thompson £5
12th Par 3 175 yards Adam Thompson £5
13th Par 4 237 yards Ian Talboys £5

Captain's Trophy
Newcastle-under-Lyme Golf Club
- 22nd September 2004
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

The smallest BUNGS turn-out for a number of years were to contest the inaugural Captain's Trophy at Newcastle-under-Lyme golf club. Those not attending must have had a premonition of the conditions we were to face as heavy overnight rain and persistent fine rain (it soaks you through you know) throughout the day, made the course tough.  With little run on your tee-shots and wet slow greens, it was a big surprise that there were some excellent scores in the morning practice, none more so than the 22 points scored by Bobby Ho and John Mansell which secured them a share of the £26 pot.  

As usual there were some pitiful performances, none more so than from Steve Lloyd and Stuart Mahon who both scored a measly 23 points. Steve's excuse was a bad back and Stuart's his hatred of playing in the rain. Neil Smith didn't give any excuses for his paltry 24 points but did say he "had a good look round" which we assume to mean he was slightly wayward.  

Onto the better performances and just outside the prizes was John Bayliss, beaten into fifth place by Bobby Ho with a better back nine. In the car on the way to Newcastle, John was boring fellow traveller Graham Bilsland with claims of how he was going to p**s this event with his hugely inflated handicap of 18. This looked more than likely when John reached the turn in 21 points, but he choked more than Phil Mickelson at the Ryder Cup on the back nine, only scoring 13 for a 34 point total. After securing his share of the morning money, Bobby's good form continued into the afternoon and playing off 15, his 18 points out and 16 back was good enough for fifth.  

Chris Craddy, playing off 23 must also have fancied his chances as he approached the 10th tee on 20 points, but a couple of blobs on the back nine put paid to his chances and 35 points was only good enough for fourth.  

With only a couple of miles to travel to the course, Karl Hughes must have been 'fresher' than most and his score certainly reflected this. Playing off 14, Karl scored 19 on the front nine, followed by 17 on the return for a 36 point total. This was only good enough for third however, as by virtue of a better back nine, 2004 society Captain Andy Smith beat Karl into second place. Andy's score was a mirror of Karl's with 17 points out and 19 back. Smithy's insistence on having a buggy due to, believe it or not, 'sore testicles' was not enough for Andy to win his own trophy, but was good enough to secure a two shot handicap reduction.  

Winner by a solitary point, and winning his second event of the season and his SEVENTH title of his BUNGS career (in 81 starts) was Ian Talboys, playing off 9. The wet conditions meant that Ian couldn't attack* the ball as he usually does, meaning he played a far more controlled game and 20 points on the front nine followed by 17 on the final nine holes was good enough for victory. * For 'attack', read swing as long and hit the ball as hard as you possibly can (a la J Mansell).  

With one event to go on the 2004 season calendar, the League Cup is really a fight between current leader Ian Talboys and Adam Thompson/Tim Thacker both only one point behind. Steve Booth and Bobby Ho are a further seven points adrift and could possibly take the title, but they would in all probability have to win at The Leicestershire and hope the players above them slip up.  

The nett birdies league is a very tight affair with Neil Smith staying at the top by the tightest of Margins over John Mansell, Andy Smith and Ian Talboys. However, with all 27 holes counting at The Leicestershire, anyone in the top 25 has a chance to take the crown as 25th place is only 9 points behind Neil.  

The gross birdies league is somewhat more 'clear-cut' with Graham Bilsland being miles ahead. Despite a blank birdie day for Graham at Newcastle, he is still a whopping six points clear of Derek Pells in second with Adam Thompson a further point behind. I think we can start to engrave the trophy already.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
4th Par 3 122 yards Andy Smith £10
7th Par 3 158 yards Howard Holliday £10
14th Par 3 170 yards Steve Lloyd £10

BUNGS Championship
South Staffs Golf Club
- 30th July 2004
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Another excellent contingent of 39 players arrived at the wonderful South Staffs to contest the BUNGS Championship, our most prestigious event of the year.  

With a heat wave forecast by all the weather experts, it was something of a surprise to arrive with overcast and chilly conditions in the morning, but the sun soon 'burnt away' the cloud and it was sunshine and shorts for the rest of the day.  

As usual, it was winner takes all for the morning money, but some players managed to get away without paying, meaning the winner was a few quid short for his 'prize'. Someone who will soon the joining the Bilsland & Newton 'handicap whinging' club was Derek Pells. Derek had a moan about his handicap of eight not being high enough before the morning play started and then promptly shot gross level par over the nine holes for a 22 stableford point total to take the cash. I think it's fair to say that Derek's request for a handicap revision will be rejected at the next committee meeting.  

Onto the afternoon round and bringing up the rear were 'usual suspects' Alan Tolley and Pete Barrow with 17 and 20 points respectively. Only two ahead of Pete was one of the societies most improving players, and it was a surprise to see Rob Summerfield third from last. It was not a surprise however to see Graeme Black at the back of the field, also on 22 points, even after Graeme suggested this might be 'his day' in the car on the way to the course. On 24 and 25 points respectively were pathetic scores from John Bayliss and Steve Lloyd, although John did have the excuse of having his clubs stolen the previous week.  

At the right end of the field, the scoring in general was very good and the 37 points scored by Les Poultney would be enough to win many BUNGS events, but this was only good enough for fifth place. Playing off 22, Les scored 18 points on the front nine and returned in 19. Ahead of Les by virtue of a better back nine was Mike Fox (playing off 19) who had an average front nine, scoring 16 but picked-up superbly to score 21 coming home.  

The top three players all scored 39 points and were only separated by count-back. Defending the trophy he won last year was Paul Herrmann who must have felt he was going to retain his title after going out in 23 points. With a total of 15 shots to play with, Paul had a decidedly more average back nine however of 16 points and had to settle for third.  

Another player with a superb front nine was Adam Thompson, playing off 8, who scored 22 points on the first nine holes but, like Paul, threw it away coming home only scoring 17 for his 39 point total.  

The winner was our very own George Michael look-alike (who said he was loitering in the toilets), John O'Brien, who unlike Adam and Paul had an average front nine but exploded into life on the back nine, scoring a whopping 22 points on the last eight holes alone. Playing off 22, John scored 16 points out and returned with an excellent 23 points to claim his third BUNGS title. Very well played John.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
6th Par 3 137 yards Roger Sherwin £10
6th Par 3 137 yards Karl Hughes £10
15th Par 3 167 yards Derek Pells £10

BUNGS Shield
Fulford Heath Golf Club
- 25th May 2004
36 hole eclectic stableford (full handicap)

Another healthy attendance of 36 players arrived at Fulford Heath Golf Club to contest the 2004 BUNGS Shield, completed over a 36 hole selected score stableford. Most players arrived early to enjoy coffee and bacon sandwiches and some practice on the very quick putting green. Graham Adams felt he didn't need any refreshment or practice however, and decided to spend the morning in a traffic jam just outside of Tamworth, arriving on the first tee with his boot laces flapping in the breeze.  

The course was in absolutely fantastic condition, and was superbly manicured and the greens were easily the best (and fastest) we've putted on this year (roll-on Cavendish in August). With the rough having a lot of growth in the previous couple of weeks, finding your ball when it strayed off the fairway wasn't always easy and chipping around the greens was particularly difficult. In fact, Steve Lloyd had so many problems with the rough, he thought he was playing a US Open course on his way to a paltry 29 points and a third from last finish. Steve did claim that his play was not as bad as his score reflected, demonstarted on the difficult 192 yard par 3 8th. Despite hitting the green during both rounds (and actually being nearest the pin for all of two minutes - thanks Ian), four putts in the morning followed by a further three in the afternoon summed-up Steve's day.  

With this being a 36 hole event, there was no morning practice to find your game and it was straight down to business on the easy looking 268 yard par four first. There were many good (and as usual many bad rounds) during the morning, and a particular mention must go to Brian Keates who had a massive 23 points after eight holes but struggled over the back nine for a 37 point total at 'half-time'. The only things 'won' by lunchtime were the nearest the pins which went to Paul Weston on the 5th and Graham Bilsland on the 11th. Graham rolled-in his putt for a two, but Paul somehow missed from no more than three feet. The honour on the short holes in the afternoon went to Derek Pells on the tricky eighth and new member Rick Mustillo took the prize for the signature hole, the 16th.  

With the morning round being relatively slow, there was only a short break for lunch before players were back on the first tee for the afternoon 18 holes. After getting a birdie three in the morning, most players would have relaxed on the first - not so Graham Bilsland who went one better and scored an impressive eagle two at the par four.  

Despite the length of the rough and speed of the greens, scoring was very impressive with 13 players getting 40 points or better. There were some wonderful collapses however most noticeably from: Paul Herrmann (out in 21, back in 14); Neil Smith (out in 21, back in 16); Ian Talboys (out in 23, back in 15); John Mansell (out in 22, back in 18); Bobby Ho (out in 22, back in 18); Paul Weston (out in 23, back in 18) but most spectacularly of all, Rob Summerfied who went out in 26 but capitulated over the back nine and come home with a lowly 11 points - shame on you Rob.  

Society Captain Andy Smith put up a spirited defence to the BUNGS Shield title he won last year and was one of three players on 40 points, Bobby Ho and John Mansell being the others. A further four players were one shot ahead on 41 points but unfortunately for Paul Weston, John Newman, Graeme Black and Lee Rickards, they were just outside the prizes. This must have been especially disappointing for Lee as he was assured by his playing partner that 41 points would be enough for at least fourth place.  

Adam Thompson, Derek Pells and Darren Weston were all tied on 42 points, but by virtue of a better back nine (20 points out, 22 back), Darren playing off 19 pipped the other two to fifth place.  

No score higher than 44 points has ever won the BUNGS Shield, so Jamie Moore playing off 26 must have felt he had a great chance as clubhouse leader on 44 points. He could have had an ever better score however after going out in 24 points but only scored 20 on the return, including what proved to be an expensive 'blob' on the 18th both morning and afternoon. Jamie, along with Adrian Marchant,  travels to BUNGS days from Reading and last month at Market Drayton, Adrian missed a two foot putt on the last for what would have given him outright victory and had to sit in the clubhouse as he slipped down the leaderboard. Jamie took great delight in this on their journey home from Market Drayton and I hope Adrian reciprocated on their way back from Fulford Heath as Jamie finished in fourth.  

After going out in 23 points, Barry Whitmore playing off 25 must have had a touch of nerves as he could see a first BUNGS victory in over 30 appearances there for the taking. To be fair to Barry, he certainly did the business over the back nine but 22 points was only enough for third place. Similarly to Baz, his playing partner Tim Thacker was also looking for his first taste of BUNGS silverware in more than 30 attempts, and with 20 shots to play with he scored 22 points out and 23 back for a 45 point total, beating Barry into second with a better back nine.  

Despite both Barry and Tim shooting very impressive scores of 45 points, they did not bank on out very own Captain Mainwaring, as Brian Keates took the title with a superb 46 points playing off a handicap of 27. Brian nearly threw it away however as after reaching the turn with a massive 27 points in his pocket, I can only assume that tiredness and pressure took their toll on the back nine, but 19 points was enough to secure victory by one point.    

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
1st Par 4 268 yards Graham Bilsland £5
5th Par 3 127 yards Adrian Marchant £5
5th Par 3 127 yards Jamie Moore £5
5th Par 3 127 yards Rob Summerfield £5
8th Par 3 192 yards Derek Pells £5
11th Par 3 136 yards Graham Bilsland £5
16th Par 3 155 yards Derek Pells £5
16th Par 3 155 yards Adam Thompson £5

BUNGS Memorial Salver
Market Drayton Golf Club
- 30th April 2004
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

Another healthy BUNGS contingent navigated the narrow country lanes to Market Drayton Golf Club to compete in the 2004 Memorial Trophy. Despite the huge amount of rain that fell in the preceding week, the course was in excellent condition and the tricky undulating greens were probably the best that anyone had played on this year. The weather was also good, especially when all the weather forecasts predicted rain.  

The course is a largely unknown classic undulating parkland course, which is tree-line on nearly every hole. Although not long, it really was a good test of golf and the narrow fairways and tricky greens meant you had to think your way round the course.  

If careful thinking is an attribute to a good score at Market Drayton, then it was a big surprise when one of the biggest hitting (and most wayward) society members, James 'fore' Shipman took the money for the morning practice 9 holes with an excellent 20 points.  

Onto the afternoon round, and it was a shock for many to see European PGA Tour player Paul Casey playing with society secretary Steve Lloyd for the day. However, the only thing in common with world ranked no 25 is the name, as despite being assured by Steve that he wasn't playing bad enough to come last, Paul's barrage of swearing and club throwing was not enough to avoid bringing up the rear with 19 points, playing off a handicap of 25. Paul wasn't the only club thrower of the day (well of course he wasn't, Ian Talboys was in attendance), as it looked like Graham Bilsland  was 'spitting his dummy' at the par three seventh, but his club went flying in desperation of missing a hole in one by a matter of inches rather than a bad shot. Instead of having to buy everyone a drink, Graham went home with £20 for 2 two's and also won two of the nearest the pin prizes.  

At the right end of the field, things were very tight with only 1 point separating the top eight players. In the closest BUNGS event ever, there were even six players tied in first position and it was only the count back system that denoted the prize winners.  

In eighth place on 36 points was John Shaw, playing off his new handicap of 6.  John was having a very steady round and was frightened of losing the shot he 'gained' at Sutton Coldfield, but the putts kept dropping and 18 points on each nine was a fine effort and the good news for John is that his handicap doesn't even change. In seventh, also on 36 points was Steve Booth, who had beaten Barry Whitmore 3/2 in their matchplay knockout in the morning 9 holes. Full of confidence from his victory, Steve also scored 18 points on each nine (paying off 13) and only beat John into seventh by virtue of a better back six holes.  

In sixth, and just outside of the prizes, was Richard Stevens who was finishing the the top ten for the fifth BUNGS event running.  Playing off a reducing handicap of 21, Richard had a superb front 9, scoring a massive 22 points.  His back nine was more ordinary however, culminating in only 15 points for a 37 point total. In fifth, and edging Richard out of the prizes with a better back nine, was Adrian Marchant playing off 14. Adrian also got off to a flyer with 20 points on the front nine, but the longer back nine must have taken its toll and only 17 points meant Adrian had to sit in the clubhouse and watch himself slip down the leaderboard and settle for fifth place and three Pro-V's.  

In fourth and ahead of Adrian and Richard by virtue of a better back nine was Alan Surch, playing off 23.  Alan has a very steady afternoon and went out in 18 points and followed this with 19 on the back nine. In third and scoring exactly the same as Alan, was John Bayliss (playing off 17) who had a very steady day and beat Alan into third by virtue of a better last six holes.  

In second, and proving that lessons can work (Tim Thacker take notice), was John Lander playing off 28.  John admitted to having some lessons recently, and this certainly paid off with a steady 17 points on the front nine, followed by an excellent 20 points on the much tougher back nine.  With such a good back nine, I'm sure John must have thought he had a chance of taking the title when he heard there were six players on 37 points.  He wasn't considering Craig Vale though, as for once, Craig was playing straight golf rather than his usual 'crab like' side to side play.  Playing off a handicap of 27, Craig's front nine was nothing to write home about with 16 points, but his game 'came to life' on the back nine where he amassed a superb 21 points to take the crown and a three shot handicap reduction.  

The only downside for Craig was having to wait an eternity to collect his trophy thanks to the ineptitude of the golf club Steward.  With only three staff on duty (and these had to serve behind the bar as well), they took an unacceptable amount of time to serve the evening meal and this put something of a dampener on an otherwise excellent day.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
7th Par 3 127 yards Graham Bilsland £10
7th Par 3 127 yards Steve Lloyd £10
15th Par 3 147 yards Graham Bilsland £10
15th Par 3 147 yards Alan Surch £10

The Enterprise Cup
Sutton Coldfield Golf Club
- 2nd April 2004
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

The highest ever turn-out of 43 BUNGS members were to contest the Enterprise Cup at Sutton Coldfield Golf Club.  The weather on the day was superb for the time of year and we were extremely lucky to remain dry when you consider the amount of rain that fell both before and after the event.  The weather was so good that some even played the afternoon round in short sleeves which I'm sure is unprecedented in a BUNGS event in April.  

The course was in very good condition, the only exception being the greens which had been hollow-tined several weeks previously. This didn't effect the putting surfaces too badly though, and green maintenance is something we have to accept at this time of year.  It may have been a blessing that the greens were a little slower than usual, as they were very tricky to read with lots of subtle (and some not so subtle) borrows.  

The morning round started with the 'drive-in' of new BUNGS Captain Andy Smith and everyone present was delighted that he didn't disappoint by hitting a huge high slice off the first tee and had to play his second from the middle of the 10th fairway.  

The morning 10 hole 'practice' took on a greater significance than usual with a £43 pot waiting for the winner and two players in particular seemed keen to get their hands on the cash. Jamie Moore and Mike Fox, using a putter he purchased from Steve Lloyd for the first time, both shot a superb score of 26 points over the morning 10 holes and were both happy to share the money.  

With two excellent scores from Jamie and Mike, along with good scores from other society members, it was anticipated that a score of 40 points minimum would be needed to have a chance of taking the Enterprise Cup, especially with the whole field now playing off full handicap rather than 7/8ths as in previous events.  However, early season tiredness must have taken its toll on the field and scoring was certainly nothing to write home about.  

At the rear of the field were some of the 'usual suspects' with Alan Tolley, Graham Adams, Brian Keates, John Mansell and new member Des White all scoring less than 20 points.  Special mention must go to John Mansell who had 19 points after 12 holes and managed to somehow 'blob' the last six holes.  Just ahead on 21 points was Brian Dodwell who became the first person to fall foul of the new slow play rule and was penalised for not being at the first tee on time.  

Other mentions must go to John Bayliss who had 18 points after nine holes but capitulated over the back nine to end up with only 28.  In a reversal of Bayliss' performance, John Shaw had a paltry (by his standards) 11 points after nine but picked-up his game over the back nine to also end up with 28 points improving his mood, which turned to great delight when he realised (after calculating the average score of the field in the bar afterwards) that he would finally get a 'shot back' and be playing off 6 at Market Drayton. Another who had a good score at the turn but blew his chances on the back nine was Karl Hughes who went out in 19 but collapsed to only score 10 on the back nine). Similarly, Ivan Heathcote went out in 17 but only scored 12 on his 'return'.   

The biggest 'collapses' of the day though were from Gordon Sullivan and John Pinches, who both went out in 20 points and must have felt confident of their chances. Their optimism soon turned to despair however as they both made a mess on the back nine with Gordon only scoring 11 and John only one better with 12, leaving them both a couple of points short of 'the prizes.  

Fifth place went to Tim Thacker playing off 20, who beat John O'Brien into sixth on countback. Tim is another player using 'discarded' equipment of Steve Lloyd's and his new Taylor Made Firesole irons were certainly 'on fire' as he shot 33 points. With Tim and Foxy doing so well with Steve's old irons and putter, Steve was left thinking he may have made a big mistake selling them, especially with his pathetic score of 24 points.  

Also on 33 points was Steve Booth playing off 13 who beat Tim into fourth place by virtue of a better back nine with 16 points out and 17 back.  On 35 points in third place was Gordon Galloway, who scored an excellent 35 points off a handicap of five. With 19 points out, Gordon was another player who must have fancied his chances at the turn but with only 16 on the back nine, he had to settle for third as Richard Stevens beat him into second place on countback, with a very steady 18 points out and 17 back, playing off a handicap of 22.  

The winner, with another impressive performance, was Adam Thompson who was one clear of Gordon and Richard on 36 points.  Playing off 5, Adam shot 19 points on the front nine and 17 points coming home to win the event by the narrowest of margins.  Congratulations Adam.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
2nd Par 3 112 yards Jamie Moore £10
2nd Par 3 112 yards Des White £10

The Christmas Clock
Breadsll Priory Hotel & Country Club
- 12th December 2003
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

"I don't think I've ever been as wet as this - and I used to be a lifeguard"  a quote from new BUNGS member Neil Smith on the 14th tee.  

38 players arrived at Breadsall Priory to brave the atrocious conditions to compete for the first event of the 2004 season, the Christmas Clock.  

Play started in the rain, ended in the rain and there was nothing but rain throughout the day.  This meant that conditions were very difficult and scoring was never going to be as good as in previous years (Richard Stevens won last year with 44 points).  After a while, waterproofs were rendered useless as the rain eventually penetrated through and hands were numb due to the cold meaning holding onto the clubs (whose grips were soaking wet after a few holes) was a problem.  This was demonstrated by Andy Smith at the 13th, when his driver went further than several of his earlier drives (notable the 4th and the 10th) as he let go of his club and it went spiraling through the air, landing 50 yards down the fairway.  Despite the conditions, the course held-up very well (which is why we always play at Breadsall in December).  Casual water did start to appear during the back nine, but it was nothing too severe.  

Five players (Stuart Mahon, Richard Stevens, Alan Surch, Gordon Sullivan and Ivan Heathcote) were not manly enough to brave the conditions (some would say they were the most sensible there) as they 'gave up the ghost' and walked in early.  This meant that there were just 33 players who completed the full round to contest the trophy.  

Fifth place went to Graham Bilsland with another good performance, scoring 32 points off a handicap of 3.  Fourth place went to Pete Barrow with a much improved performance and his 33 points, playing off 28 was enough to secure Pete's best ever BUNGS finish.  One point further ahead of Pete on 34 was another player who is consistently improving, Rob Summerfield playing off 25.  

Second place, and another 'best ever' finish went to Craig Vale with 35 points from a handicap of 28.  The winner of the Christmas clock for the second time in his BUNGS 'career' was retiring captain Ian Talboys with a great score of 37 points of a 'bandit' handicap of 9.  

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
6th Par 3 118 yards Steve Lloyd £10
14th Par 3 127 yards Howard Holliday £10
14th Par 3 127 yards Bob Lander £10

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