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1997 Results

Our results for the 1997 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Cancelled Texas Scramble Shields
The Manor (Kingstone) Golf Club
 - 1st October 1997
18 hole stableford

1st Paul Edwards 35 points
2nd Steve Lloyd 33 points
3rd Brian Dodwell 31 points
4th George Davis 23 points
5th Ian Talboys 20 points

Nearest the pin - Paul Edwards
Longest Drive - N/A

Challenge Trophy
Hill Valley Golf & Country Club
- 27th August 1997
18 hole stableford

1st Jonathan Lewis 36 points
2nd Colin Ringer 35 points
3rd Pete Thomas 32 points
4th Lyndon Lewis 31 points
5th Brian Dodwell 31 points
6th George Davis 31 points
7th Michael Davies 29 points
8th Stuart Banham 28 points
9th John Brake 28 points
10th Steve Lloyd 28 points
11th Ian Talboys 26 points
12th Andy Smith 25 points
13th John Ward 24 points
14th Brian Edwards 23 points
15th Steve Key 19 points
16th Gerard Van Hoek 13 points

Nearest the pin - Lyndon Lewis
Longest Drive - Steve Lloyd

Glastek Trophy
Chilwell Manor Golf Club
- 1st August 1997
36 hole selected score stableford

1st James Paton 48 points
2nd Rob Orton 43 points
3rd Michael Davies 42 points
4th Gerard Van Hoek 41 points
5th Colin Ringer 41 points
6th Ian Talboys 40 points
7th Brian Edwards 40 points
8th Lyndon Lewis 40 points
9th Brian Dodwell 40 points
10th Jim Jellicoe 39 points
11th John Brake 37 points
12th Bob Smith 37 points
13th George Davis 37 points
14th Steve Lloyd 35 points
15th Martyn Dodwell 35 points
16th Pete Thomas 34 points
17th Ross Worrall 33 points
18th Steve Key 28 points

Nearest the pin - Pete Thomas
Longest Drive - Rob Orton

Pairs Championship
The Shropshire - 9th July 1997
18 hole fourball-betterball stableford

1st James Paton & George Davis 44 points
2nd Steve Lloyd & Ross Worrall 43 points
3rd Lyndon Lewis & Michael Davies 38 points
4th Martyn Dodwell & John Ward 33 points
5th Brian Edwards & Gerard Van Hoek 29 points
6th Brian Dodwell & Bob Smith 27 points

Nearest the pin - n/a
Longest Drive - n/a

Summer Shield
Ingestre Park Golf Club
- 13th June 1997
18 hole stableford

1st James Shipman 32 points
2nd John Ward 31 points
3rd Andy Smith 31 points
4th Steve Lloyd 26 points
5th Brian Dodwell 25 points
6th George Davis 25 points
7th Brian Edwards 23 points
8th Colin Ringer 22 points
David Holland dnf
Stuart Banham dnf
Gerard Van Hoek dnf

Nearest the pin - Brian Dodwell
Longest Drive - James Shipman

The Sun Ray Trophy
Great Barr Golf Club - 20th May 1997
18 hole stableford

1st John Brake 38 points
2nd Terry Kinnersley 37 points
3rd Jim Jellicoe 36 points
4th Steve Key 35 points
5th Paul Edwards 33 points
6th Brian Edwards 33 points
7th Colin Ringer 33 points
8th Ian Talboys 32 points
9th Michael Davies 31 points
10th Rob Orton 31 points
11th Bob Smith 30 points
12th Martyn Dodwell 29 points
13th James Shipman 29 points
14th Steve Hession 28 points
15th George Davis 27 points
16th Stuart Banham 26 points
17th James Paton 25 points
18th Brian Dodwell 24 points
19th Pete Thomas 22 points
20th Steve Lloyd 21 points
21st Andy Smith 21 points
22nd Gerard Van Hoek 18 points
23rd Roger Moon 11 points

Nearest the pin - Jim Jellicoe
Longest Drive - Brian Edwards

The Enterprise Cup
Seedy Mill Golf Club
- 9th April 1997
18 hole stableford

1st Steve Key 42 points
2nd George Davis 38 points
3rd Roger Moon 38 points
4th Stuart Banham 37 points
5th Gerard Van Hoek 37 points
6th Brian Edwards 36 points
7th Steve Lloyd 36 points
8th Brian Dodwell 34 points
9th Colin Ringer 33 points
10th Michael Davies 32 points
11th Pete Thomas 32 points
12th Ian Talboys 31 points
13th John Ward 29 points
14th James Paton 27 points

Nearest the pin - George Davis
Longest Drive - Brian Edwards

The Christmas Clock
Bloxwich  Golf Club
- 18th December 1996
18 hole stableford

1st George Davis 33 points
2nd Pete Thomas 32 points
3rd Ross Worrall 32 points
4th Alan Homer 31 points
5th Gerard Van Hoek 31 points
6th Brian Edwards 27 points
7th John Brake 27 points
8th James Shipman 25 points
9th Ian Talboys 19 points
10th Jim Jellicoe 19 points
11th Steve Lloyd 19 points
12th Michael Davies 18 points

Nearest the pin - n/a
Longest Drive - n/a

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